Thursday, 23 June 2016

Team GGG Approaches Eubank JR & BJ Saunders

Breaking news regarding GGG’s next opponent.

Key Points:

GGG is now at the awkward level where his fights are worth around $2-3m Licence fee’s to HBO. And based on reports that is an awkward amount to pay, because HBO's budget is limited this year. Most of the big names on HBO are forced to fight on PPV, this is the reason why Cotto will have to wait a while, until he finds a PPV opponent. Anyhow this situation makes fighting in the UK extremely enticing for team GGG, who would be able to cash in on a big UK gate, combined with HBO rights for the USA.

According to Steve Kim numerous discussions have occurred between team GGG & team Saunders. Tom Loeffer informed Kim that it seems as though Saunders wants to hold the belt for as long as possible without facing GGG. This seems a bit hypocritical since Saunders hammered Canelo verbally for vacating his belt rather than facing GGG. More to come on this. It’s the 2nd time team GGG have approached Saunders.

Eubank JR is odds on to get the GGG fight. The only other name being suggested is Heiland, which does nothing for anybody. How serious is team Eubank on this fight? Well Hearn told Loeffer they are extremely serious and want it next. Not only does Eubank Jr want the fight, but Eubank Sr has approved. Eubank Jr is talented, motivated & fearless, it’s great to see a fighter stepping up to face GGG, when everyone else is avoiding him.

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