Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How much does a professional boxer make a year?

Most professional boxers don’t earn a full time income from the sport. 10% of fighters earn more than the average income in their relevant countries. However across that 10% of fighters, the salaries can be massive.

Good domestic level fighters such as Groves & Murray earn $1M + US per year. However larger, well known fighters such as Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua & David Haye can earn more than $10M + per year.

Despite the glamour of the photos which Floyd Mayweather Jr shows the world, most boxers struggle to provide for their family and friends. Retired boxers also have a very high rate of bankruptcy due to a lack of education. Several superstar fighters who are now in debt to the tax office have mentioned they only learnt what tax was when they began to earn huge purses. Fighters purses are usually split between themselves, managers, promoters & training expenses.

While this post paints a gloomy picture of how much money professional boxers can make, it’s honest. If you are the best or elite, you will have more money than you can ever dream of having. If you are a local club fighter, you can expect to rely on a full or part time job, while boxing helps pay the bills. It’s integral that fighters find the right promoters and managers to guide their careers. By staying with money hungry promoters or managers, it’s very easy for fighters to be underpaid.

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