Thursday, 23 June 2016

Shawn Porter vs Keith Thurman Prediction & Outcome

A highly anticipated clash between Porter & Thurman is only 2 days away. This fight has been rescheduled once due to a car crash in which Thurman suffered minor injuries. We have been getting requests as to who we are tipping, so here is our key points and prediction. 

Key Points:

-      Thurman is starting the betting favorite with bookies.

    Porter is known for his high work rate, he was simply swarming Broner with punches, on his way to a UD win.
   Thurman is seen to have the better one punch power out of the two, however the difference isn’t massive. A majority of 
   Thurman’s stoppages have been from accumulation. However over his past 5 fights Thurman’s work rate is dropping considerably. It’s something we noticed recently when viewing footage.
    Porter on the other hand is getting through even higher rates of work than before. So in terms of work rate, Porter is going to throw more than Thurman.
    Defensively, Thurman is much more sound & he slips punches well.
    In terms of footwork, It’s quite even with the slight advantage going to Porter.

Now what we have explained is both fighters have different strengths and their styles should mesh well. Thurman is suited to fighting opponents with low work rates, it allows him to set up and land his single power shots. Porter is the exact opposite to this, he will be throwing close to 100 punches per round.

It will be clear early, who will win this fight. Thurman needs to hurt Porter in the first 3 rounds, setting the tone for the rest of the fight. This will ensure Porter doesn’t rush in constantly on Thurman. If Porter is able to win some rounds early, he will wear Thurman down from the 4th round onwards to score a wide UD or late TKO victory. In our opinion Porter’s style is all wrong for Thurman. In saying that there is a chance Thurman wins this by an early stoppage, catching a lunging Porter as he closes the distance. 

Prediction: Porter will win this, in what many consider an upset. We won’t consider it that at all. Stylistically this is a great match up for Porter and provided he moves well early, he should produce a high enough work rate which constantly frustrates Thurman.

Keep in mind both have been hurt in recent fights with Thurman being hurt to the body by Collazo and with Porter being dropped in round 12 by Broner. Anything can happen in this bout. But the smart money is on Porter.

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Team GGG Approaches Eubank JR & BJ Saunders

Breaking news regarding GGG’s next opponent.

Key Points:

GGG is now at the awkward level where his fights are worth around $2-3m Licence fee’s to HBO. And based on reports that is an awkward amount to pay, because HBO's budget is limited this year. Most of the big names on HBO are forced to fight on PPV, this is the reason why Cotto will have to wait a while, until he finds a PPV opponent. Anyhow this situation makes fighting in the UK extremely enticing for team GGG, who would be able to cash in on a big UK gate, combined with HBO rights for the USA.

According to Steve Kim numerous discussions have occurred between team GGG & team Saunders. Tom Loeffer informed Kim that it seems as though Saunders wants to hold the belt for as long as possible without facing GGG. This seems a bit hypocritical since Saunders hammered Canelo verbally for vacating his belt rather than facing GGG. More to come on this. It’s the 2nd time team GGG have approached Saunders.

Eubank JR is odds on to get the GGG fight. The only other name being suggested is Heiland, which does nothing for anybody. How serious is team Eubank on this fight? Well Hearn told Loeffer they are extremely serious and want it next. Not only does Eubank Jr want the fight, but Eubank Sr has approved. Eubank Jr is talented, motivated & fearless, it’s great to see a fighter stepping up to face GGG, when everyone else is avoiding him.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How much does a professional boxer make a year?

Most professional boxers don’t earn a full time income from the sport. 10% of fighters earn more than the average income in their relevant countries. However across that 10% of fighters, the salaries can be massive.

Good domestic level fighters such as Groves & Murray earn $1M + US per year. However larger, well known fighters such as Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua & David Haye can earn more than $10M + per year.

Despite the glamour of the photos which Floyd Mayweather Jr shows the world, most boxers struggle to provide for their family and friends. Retired boxers also have a very high rate of bankruptcy due to a lack of education. Several superstar fighters who are now in debt to the tax office have mentioned they only learnt what tax was when they began to earn huge purses. Fighters purses are usually split between themselves, managers, promoters & training expenses.

While this post paints a gloomy picture of how much money professional boxers can make, it’s honest. If you are the best or elite, you will have more money than you can ever dream of having. If you are a local club fighter, you can expect to rely on a full or part time job, while boxing helps pay the bills. It’s integral that fighters find the right promoters and managers to guide their careers. By staying with money hungry promoters or managers, it’s very easy for fighters to be underpaid.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale Official Prediction

Boxing’s fastest growing star is back in 2 weeks time. Anthony Joshua will defend his IBF Heavyweight title against Dominic Breazeale at the 02 arena. Here is what you need to know.

Anthony Joshua like usual is in fantastic condition.

Breazeale on the other hand looks a little overweight around the mid section. The American has promised to come to the UK and make Joshua feels his power by trading and brawling.

The only problem is, that is the worst game plan I have heard in years. Breazeale is going to trade with a brawler who has enormous power? Well that’s all we need to hear. 

Essentially that game plan by Breazeale means there is no plan. To beat a puncher you need to respect his power and it’s clear that the American is delusional in rating his own power. Breazeale was very lucky to escape with the win against Mansour & his defense is suspect.

Despite all of Breazeale’s talk and courage, AJ will land that sniper right hand at will. Breazeale will continue to get up, he’s got heart as we saw against Mansour. But the horrible game plan of trading with an enormous power puncher will lead to Breazeale being taken out cleanly and brutally in the 2nd round. At the very latest it will be in the 3rd round, but we just can’t see it lasting more than 2 rounds.

We wanted to say Breazeale has a chance, especially since AJ has been a little distracted by enormous media commitments this camp. However the quotes the American has made about Joshua better be ready “For a war & for a dog fight”, means this one will plays into AJ’s hands and it will be fun, short & brutal. If Breazeale came over and said he wanted to box Anthony from range and show patience and movement, I would give him a slight chance. But he's done the opposite, coming up with one insane statement after another. 

So AJ KO in 2. Multiple knockdowns. 

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