Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Danny Garcia Will Be Next

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s return to boxing is imminent. We have been saying he will return for the past 3 months. We also know it will be against Danny Garcia. Floyd has always told the media that Danny is a great fighter and that he’s undefeated for a reason & the two would eventually produce a great match up. This fight was organized a long ago. 

Now the big question is, how long will Floyd come back for?

Stephen Espinoza will be tempting Floyd into a massive 2 or 3 fight deal. The more fights he signs on for, the more lucrative this is. Floyd has told the media that 9 figures is being discussed and this has caused some confusion, as it’s extremely doubtful a bout with Garcia would do these numbers. Therefore Floyd is most likely talking about a multi fight deal and it will be interesting to see when this is announced with Showtime. There are also rumors that Floyd may be a silent investor in PBC and his return could (however very unlikely) be part of a headline bout on a major PBC card, to support a time buy deal.

But you can take this to the bank. Floyd will be back some time in September against Danny Garcia. And it will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Note: People ridiculed our predictions when we said Floyd would be returning in September. We have been saying this for the past 3 months. Just wait until after this post and let us know. Leave a comment also. Remember to check out the other great pages we have on this site.

Another important note is TMT Brands make big money for Floyd and his team (est $20M + per year). Without Floyd staying active, sales drop big time.

Team Mayweather also registered several trademarks a few weeks ago according to ESPN & Boxingscene. A few twitter followers we have said this doesn’t prove he’s making a comeback. Well actually it does, all the trademarks had his next fight number included in it. Floyd is coming back and he’s already in shape. 

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