Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Would A Loss to GGG Have Hurt Canelo’s Reputation?

Millions of boxing fans around the world have been outraged by Canelo Alvarez for vacating his WBC Middleweight title instead of facing GGG. In our opinion (both pundits representing Boxing Kingdom) agree that this decision is the wrong one and it's a total miscalculation.

Key Points.

Canelo became a bigger star after he was comprehensively beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. His next bout against Angulo did very well in PPV sales.

Mexican’s have a proud boxing legacy and a reputation for being warriors. Canelo’s fan base around the world would have supported him, even if he was stopped rather early (unlikely). His fan base wouldn’t have been effected much at all, as long as he showed heart and returned punches while hurt. Canelo would have gone out on his shield if he was on the verge of getting stopped and his fans would have respected that more.

Conculsion: The fact that Canelo has lost before to Floyd Mayweather Jr is important. Canelo didn’t require tune up bouts on regular HBO to re-build image. After his sole defeat Canelo went straight back to fighting on PPV.

The question remains. Will Canelo fans stay loyal now? We highly doubt that.

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