Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Canelo Alvarez vs GGG Negotiations & News

Canelo Vacates the WBC Middleweight Title. GGG Is Now The Champion

In a shocking sequence of events Canelo has vacated his WBC Middleweight title, which has led to GGG being instantly promoted to SUPER WBC Middleweight Champion. 

Key Points:

Canelo & his team claimed that the WBC timeframe to negotiate the fight was the key reason for vacating the belt.

Vacating the WBC title due to the timeframes given for negotiations to reach an agreement doesn’t make much sense. It’s highly likely the WBC would have provided an extension, had this been requested from both sides.

By going to a purse bid which the WBC would have enforced, the split would have been 70-30 in favor of Canelo. Canelo’s team could have been aiming for a higher split of the purse, given how large his PPV’s & gates have been, which easily beat GGG’s. 

There is a slim chance this fight can still get made, however it’s a lot less likely since Canelo doesn’t have his WBC belt anymore. If it is purely based on economics then the reasons for Canelo dropping the belt can be justified a little. However if negotiations were to continue it would be GGG who is now in a stronger position, holding 3 full MW belts, with Canelo being only the challenger (with a huge name).

Unfortunately it just seems as though this fight won’t get made. Both our pundits and everyone feels let down, but this is boxing. The big winner out of these events is BJ Saunders. Team GGG have stated that they want all 4 belts before moving up a division. Saunders knows this and he can negotiate his way into a HUGE pay day.

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