Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Amir Khan vs Canelo : Preview & Analysis

Amir Khan vs Canelo 

This weekend Amir Khan moves up two divisions to challenge Middleweight titleholder & Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez. This fight is seen as a mismatch by many, however a wide range of boxing figures are predicting Khan to cause an upset. Fighters such as Andre Ward, Andre Berto & Adrien Broner are picking Khan to win. Such a win would send shockwaves throughout the international boxing community and would change the landscape of the junior middleweight & middleweight divisions.

Let’s first start by saying the courage Amir Khan has shown for taking this fight, is simply enormous. Regardless if he wins or gets destroyed within one round, this is what boxing needs. More fighters who are happy to step up and fight the best, regardless of the result or risk, to be the best.

Prediction: We have had this prediction since the start and It won’t change. Khan will win most of the minutes and rounds in this fight until he slips up and he will. Canelo will begin to land power punches and as soon as he hurts Khan, it will be close to over. Khan’s problem in the past has been as soon as he gets hurt he decides to trade and it’s his weakness, so it always leads to a stoppage loss.

We both think this one will be over by the 6th round, despite Khan looking amazing for the first 4 rounds, winning them easily. Canelo will begin to plant his feet after a slow start and he will unleash power shots which will hurt and buzz Khan. From that moment Khan will try & fight and he will get stopped. Khan will try get up regardless of how bad he’s hurt, that’s how much courage he has.

This can go another way, however it’s very unlikely. If Khan can swallow his pride and fight defensively and use his legs to run when hurt, there is a good chance he can win this one by decision. This is totally up to Khan as his best chance to win this fight is to be at distance for large portions of it and to fight defensively, pot shotting or landing two punch combos and moving out of range. Khan’s feet are way faster then the flat footed Canelo's.

Despite having the natural attributes and skills to win this fight. We expect Khan to do what he shouldn’t. Refuse to hold, be a warrior and trade and then get KO’d. As we mentioned before, regardless of the result this is a fantastic step up and the British fighter deserves all the credit for taking this challenge.

Canelo KO in 6 is our official prediction. Don’t totally rule out a Khan upset and decision win. If Khan does win this, he will fight anyone they put in front of him and that does include GGG. We just don’t see him winning on Saturday.

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