Saturday, 16 April 2016

Radivoje Kalajdzic Robbed Of A Deserving Win Against Marcus Browne

Both writers at Boxing Kingdom had Kalajdzic up by 2 rounds against Marcus Browne. An incorrect knock down was ruled against Kalajdzic in the first round, when he obviously slipped and Browne hit him when he was down. The ref had a shocker and gave Kalajdzic the count. Browne was dropped twice later in the fight and he couldn’t keep up with the high tempo of the Bosnian/Serbian fighter. Kalajdzic is born in Bosnia but claims to be Serbian, according to reports I could find online. Kalajdzic is one to watch, he’s not going to be the best in his division but his style will always lead to good match ups. He’s heavy handed and has a high work rate and that got him the win tonight. Browne also gave a dillusional interview after the bout.

Kalajdzic was the winner across 90% of scoring from our twitter fans. And we totally agree. Great effort tonight. 

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