Saturday, 16 April 2016

Errol Spence Jr Disposes of Chris Algieri. Looks Sensational

Errol Spence Jr is a Superstar in the making

Some thought the step up was to soon. Some thought Errol Spence Jr was being overhyped and he hadn’t fought anyone of note. Well, Errol Spence Jr not only fought someone of note tonight, he utterly destroyed and outclassed the former world champion Chris Algieri, more dominantly than great fighters such as Amir Khan & Manny Pacquiao have done in the past. Spence Jr was devastating offensively, breaking down Algieri’s body early. Spence Jr mentioned this was a target plan in a fantastic post fight interview. Spence JR is humble and he comes across well, he will be a superstar soon. He was just way to much for Algieri, knocking the American down 3 times with chopping devastating left hands. The ref waved it off and rightly so. Errol Spence Jr not only passed this test, but he totally outclassed a world rated contender. After the bout he called out Danny Garcia and Kell Brook. Both fights would be awesome. Kell Brook is a very dangerous opponent and I doubt that would be next. Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia will likely happen at some stage this year. 

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