Saturday, 16 April 2016

Briggs vs Haye Will Happen Next.

Shannan Briggs has landed a big fight in the UK. He will be fighting David Haye in the near future. 

Briggs has signed on to fight on David Haye’s May 21st undercard. Briggs will get a solid fee to fight on the undercard, expected to be around $100 000 US with a guarantee of a shot against David Haye next, if both win their bouts. Briggs will be fighting a soft touch, don’t expect his opponent to be any chance.

Briggs vs Haye will sell, it will be a fun promotion. Briggs has been stalking Haye in the UK. Briggs has followed Haye at his gym, at promotions, constantly calling out Haye as a fraud. The two nearly came to blows at the recent pre fight press conference for Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin. Haye will easily beat Briggs, but Briggs will make it fun for a bit. Briggs won’t give up and he will try to see out the 12 rounds which should test Haye, who looks a little out of shape at the moment, compared to how he looked before he first retired.

Briggs will probably earn in excess of $500 000 US for the Haye fight which is a big pay day for him. Briggs is actually quite intelligent away from the ring with his money. Briggs is making good money off the ‘Let’s Go Champ’ app’s and merchandize which is now for sale.

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