Friday, 29 April 2016

Anthony Joshua has Tyson like Drawing Power Already.

Anthony Joshua is boxings money man. 

No one in boxing at the moment can sell out a venue in 30 minutes. Especially when the opponent isn’t rated by the media and isn’t seen as a threat. Well actually one guy can, it’s Anthony Joshua. Joshua’s 30 minute sellout vs Breazeale confirms what we already know. He’s the biggest money earner in boxing at the moment. It took just 30 minutes for the Brezeale fight to be a sellout and the prices were expensive. It's a massive gate.

Joshua is 16 or so fights in and he’s already earning 3 times more than what GGG is earning. And it took GGG’s team years to build his brand and drawing power. AJ is already there and his purses are growing fast. At this rate it’s highly likely he will be the biggest earner in boxing by the end of 2017. Since Pacquiao & Floyd have retired, Canelo and Cotto have big guaranteed purses which range from $10-$15M. However Anthony Joshua will be at that level very soon.

These figures are seriously impressive from the British heavyweight.

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