Saturday, 30 April 2016

Martin Murray vs George Groves Prediction & Analysis

George Groves will face Martin Murray on the undercard of Joshua vs Breazeale on the 25th of June.  This bout is a sensational match up and it’s a pick em fight, it really could go either way but we will provide a break down.

Key Factors:

-   Groves now has 3 losses on his resume after narrowly losing to Badou Jack, in a bout which he was heavily favored to win. Groves has two brutal stoppage losses to Carl Froch, however he has a sensational win over rising star James DeGale. Groves also brings a lot of nervous energy into bouts which contributes to him tiring late in fights. In saying that he has three key advantages here in size, speed and power.

Murray needs to pressure, pressure and pressure Groves from the opening bell. If Murray can develop a lead early, Groves will begin to panick as the fight goes on. Unfortunately Murray doesn’t have the power to keep Groves off him. Murray’s work rate against Abraham was also disappointing.

We will go with Groves here with a late TKO win, from a game but ageing Murray.

It’s not a lock, Murray could win though. If Murray did cause the upset it would be horrible for Groves future at the international level.

FYI : We have 2 writers and we are both split, I am predicting Groves will win, my colleague is predicting Murray on points. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Anthony Joshua has Tyson like Drawing Power Already.

Anthony Joshua is boxings money man. 

No one in boxing at the moment can sell out a venue in 30 minutes. Especially when the opponent isn’t rated by the media and isn’t seen as a threat. Well actually one guy can, it’s Anthony Joshua. Joshua’s 30 minute sellout vs Breazeale confirms what we already know. He’s the biggest money earner in boxing at the moment. It took just 30 minutes for the Brezeale fight to be a sellout and the prices were expensive. It's a massive gate.

Joshua is 16 or so fights in and he’s already earning 3 times more than what GGG is earning. And it took GGG’s team years to build his brand and drawing power. AJ is already there and his purses are growing fast. At this rate it’s highly likely he will be the biggest earner in boxing by the end of 2017. Since Pacquiao & Floyd have retired, Canelo and Cotto have big guaranteed purses which range from $10-$15M. However Anthony Joshua will be at that level very soon.

These figures are seriously impressive from the British heavyweight.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko 2 : Prediction and Crazy Quotes

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko 

Tyson Fury is at it again. He has begun his mental warfare 2 months before the bout is due to take place. At the opening press conference to the anticipated rematch an overweight Fury ripped off his shirt, taunted Wlad and did what he does best, he began to break down his opponent before they enter the ring.

Wlad was providing non characteristic responses. Telling Fury to ‘F*** Off’. A clear indication the mental warfare Fury wages is taking an effect.

Team Fury also mentioned they want to fight Anthony Joshua after this rematch, if they are victorious.

Prediction: We expect a different Wlad. A more aggressive Wlad. But Wlad relies so much on his jab to set up power punches, he leaves himself wide open when he attacks without a jab. I expect the first two rounds to be feeling out rounds for Wlad. Before Wlad launches aggressive attacks from rounds 3-5. After taking little effect on the defensively efficient Fury, Wlad will tire and Fury will wear Vlad down for a late stoppage win.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazale Confirmed For June 25th

2 Months ago we informed our readers Haymon would have an option over AJ, if AJ defeated Charles Martin. We were ridiculed by many, but we have always remained firm with our call. The recent fight announcement between Joshua & Breazeale proves we probably are right. 

Joshua took the title off one Heavyweight from Haymon's stable in Charles Martin. And now he will defend the title against another undefeated Heavyweight from Haymon's stable in Breazeale. See what is happening here?

Haymon always covers his bases. It would be silly to think that a master tactician like Al Haymon would not enforce an option or two over Anthony Joshua. Hearn probably had his hand forced and this was never told to the media. 

Joshua vs Breazeale isn’t a bad fight. The American is undefeated, although he’s very lucky to have escaped the Mansour fight with a win. However the big question is, does Haymon have a 2 fight option over AJ? That would mean Joshua vs Fury or Haye wouldn’t be next & it would probably be AJ vs another Haymon stable fighter.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Joshua vs Martin PPV Figures. Set To Shock.

Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin PPV Figures 

Anthony Joshua’s stunning destruction of Charles Martin is set to break PPV records in the UK. Numbers circling have been fantastic. Considering Martin was reasonably unknown in the UK, if the numbers are correct and they are stronger than Joshua vs Whyte, it's a fantastic result. 

Some of the early figures being thrown around is that Joshua vs Martin has comprehensively beaten Whyte vs Joshua in PPV sales. If this is true, that is a remarkable achievement for Anthony Joshua, who is quickly becoming the money man in boxing.

Joshua vs Whyte did over 400 000 PPV buys in the UK. Joshua vs Martin is expected to have beaten that by a considerable distance. More to come. 

News: Joshua vs Martin is now being said to have sold 600 000 PPV subscriptions which is massive. 

US Results: Joshua vs Martin averaged 275 000 viewers on ShoSports for the afternoon airing which is very good.