Sunday, 20 March 2016

Why do Boxers wrap there hands with tape?

Hand Wraps Protect From Knuckle, Hand and Wrist Injuries 

Boxers wrap their hands with tape to prevent hand, knuckle and wrist injuries. Boxers punch at extreme force and the pressure on their hands even with gloves on is immense. Fighters still break hands, fingers and wrists from punching or have serious ligament damage even when wearing heavily padded gloves and when they are taped up. This is just another layer of protection for fighters, however it doesn’t impact the opponent as the punches still have as much force as normal. The only cushion for the opponent is in the glove itself. Boxers have also manipulated wraps in the past to cheat, this is often referred to plaster grips. However the commissions closely look over this and fighters altering wraps illegally are suspended for a long time.

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