Sunday, 20 March 2016

Boxers Run a Lot – Why Is This?

Professional Boxers are Big on Running Training 

Road work is essential throughout boxing training camps and most professional fighters run as much as 4 to 8 miles a day. In professional boxing 5 roadwork sessions per week are mandatory, to ensure a fighter is in top shape.

Running produces some serious benefits for fighters. It’s an integral part of training, nearly as important as pad work and sparring.

Running helps fighters maintain energy and helps overall conditioning. Most championship level fighters are in near perfect conditioning. To much running close to the bout can cause fatigue, which is often called over training.

The most important aspect of conditioning is recovery. Have you noticed that some fighters recover from a big punch and from being hurt faster than others? Well that’s due to being in really good shape. Even chinny fighters can recover quickly if they are in good shape. Being in shape allows increased blood flow and the human body can recover quickly without being tired. A good example of this is JMM. Despite Marquez being dropped consistently, he’s never stopped. He recovers very fast from hard knockdowns and this is always due to him being in top shape.

Running also helps fighters stay light on their feet, it helps with balance and it also leads to fat loss. Fighters need to stay lean at all times, to make their weight limit.

Without a serious running schedule it’s near impossible for fighters to get to world championship level.

Boxers also run in hooded jackets and sweat suits to help toxins and sweat leave the body. This is really common with fighters who are struggling to make weight. A few days before a weigh in you will see boxers reducing liquids and running in jumpers. 

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