Saturday, 19 March 2016

Evander Holyfield Net Worth

Holyfield Financial Net Worth as of 2016. Back On Track Financially. 

Evander Holyfield currently has an estimated net worth of $1 M US as of 2016. Holyfield went broke several years ago due to his large number of children and large child support payments, which were required.  It was reported at one stage Holyfield had a $15M mortgage on a house valued at $7.5M in the US. This was in part due to the collapse of the housing market in America.

At the moment Holyfield still earns great money. He has a range of products which are earning him consistent revenue and he is paid well to perform public speaking and attend bouts overseas. Holyfield has a big following throughout Europe & South America, due to several countries in those regions loving boxing.

Holyfield is in a similar situation to Mike Tyson. They have both recently gone broke. But money isn’t to important to them as they will always be able to earn money through public speaking and other celebrity circuit speaking tours

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