Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What is Canelo’s Real Weight Class & Fight Night Weight

Canelo Alvarez Real Weight & Fight Night Weight 

Canelo Alvarez currently fights as a Junior Middleweight & Middleweight. He mixes this up between fights. Alvarez fought Cotto at 155 pounds for the Middleweight championship of the world. Alvarez has been fighting at 155 pounds for a few years. His team claim he’s not a legitimate Middleweight but he actually is. Alvarez enters fights at over 180 pounds, so he's already a big middleweight. Canelo rehydrates heavily after fight weigh ins and comes into the ring two weight classes up from Junior Middleweight. Alvarez is said to walk around at close to 200 pounds when he’s not in camp for a bout. The fact that Alvarez can make Junior Middleweight & Middleweight is due to extensive training camps and heavy dieting. He’s also a lot bigger in terms of fight night weight in comparison to other active middleweights. 

So Alvarez enters the ring at around 180 pounds. His walk around weight when he's not boxing is close to 200 pounds. These statistics are similar to that of a Big Middleweight or Super Middleweight. The fact that Alvarez can make Junior Middleweight is a huge advantage as he rehydrates well and has a big weight advantage over opponents by the time the bell rings. 

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