Saturday, 5 March 2016

Lucas Browne vs Chagaev. Full Fight Video Analysis.

In a totally refreshing heavyweight bout last night, Lucas Browne caused a huge upset by stopping Chagaev in the 10th round of their bout from Russia. Many around the boxing world, gave Browne next to no chance in this bout, including our two writers. We can happily say he shocked the boxing world with this performance.

Chagaev was his usual self, a technician, counter puncher with solid power. Many expected Browne to rush Chagaev and go for the early KO. However what followed was the complete opposite. Browne implemented a game plan, he moved well and circled Chagaev with nice jabs and uppercuts. Several body shots got through well. Chagaev was up on the scorecards early, I gave him several of the early rounds, however it was evident that the Aussie was in the fight and this difference in class wasn’t there like we all expected.

Browne was hurt in the 6th round, knocked down heavily from a textbook body head combination which he didn’t see. Browne stumbled to his feet and was saved by the bell. However Chagaev landed 4 punches after the bell.

Browne then recovered well taking the 8th and 9th rounds. Before starting the 10th Browne became more aggressive. Trading in more areas of the ring with Chagaev. And right as Chagaev had built up a large lead on the cards, Browne caught Chagaev with a nice hook. The crowd went silent. Chagaev could barely get to his feet and the ref luckily gave him a chance to continue. It didn’t take long for Browne to jump right on Chagaev again and launch a brutal accumulation which led to a stoppage win.

Chagaev was shocked. The crowd was shocked. But Browne silenced a lot of doubters. And despite lacking great hand speed or footwork, he’s very intelligent, has bucket loads of power and the heart to win big fights at Heavyweight. Bouts with Fres Oquendo & then potentially Wilder or Joseph Parker loom. It was a refreshing, fantastic, high tempo heavyweight bout.

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