Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lucas Browne Net Worth : What Does Big Daddy Earn?

Lucas Browne shocked the boxing world by stopping Chagaev on away turf. Browne earnt close to $1M US for that bout, which was shown across Europe and North America. That is easily Browne’s largest pay day to date. He also stopped work several years ago due to the success of his boxing career.

Browne now has to fight Oquendo, who doesn’t have a large fan base. Now the purse for this will probably be around $250 K for Browne and $200K for Oquendo. The big money for Browne comes after this fight, with a predicted unification against Fury, Klitschko or Ortiz. This will likely be for the regular or full WBA title. Such a bout would land Browne a $3M + pay day. Browne has built up a substantial following in the UK & he has become a household name in Australia. Browne is estimated to have a financial net worth from boxing at $1M by the end of 2015. By the end of 2016, Browne could be worth closer to $10M due to all endorsement deals.

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