Monday, 21 March 2016

Lucas Browne Allegedly Tests Positive : What You Need To Know?

Lucas Browne Drug Test & Potential Ban

Lucas Browne had gone from unknown to Australian celebrity and hero, in the space of 30 minutes and 10 gruelling rounds against Chagaev in Russia. His feat was seen as amazing in Australia, a country of 24 million people. On his return to Australia Lucas was interviewed on every major television, radio and print media channel across the country. He is now a household name and he's recognized when walking down the street and asked to sign autographs. Browne became the first Australian to win a piece of the heavyweight championship of the world, from one of the four recognized governing bodies (WBC, WBA, IBF & WBO). Despite the title not being the full title which is rightfully Tyson Fury's it was a very big deal. 

What Happened?

This morning, boxing leader Dan Rafael released the haunting news that Lucas Browne failed the post fight drug test. The well recognized Vada testing said Browne tested positive in his A sample to Clenbuterol. Browne can get the B sample tested, however this will need to be at his own expense, something that would be quite expensive. That drug is a well known weight loss & cutting steroid. It’s quite weird as this drug isn’t in your system for long, according to a few followers we have on twitter, who have been voicing their opinions.

Lucas Browne is now facing a lengthy suspension. And given his age, this could spell the end of his career. Financially it’s a disaster as his purse from the bout could potentially be withheld. He also has brought on a lot of sponsors in Australia and this could be in jeopardy also. It’s big news in Australia, since he has been promoted as a national legend and hero over the past two weeks.

Browne responded to the claims by saying “He was confused, he didn’t understand and was seeking legal advice”. Not exactly the response we were looking for. What Browne needs to do is open up to the media ASAP. Vada won’t change it’s findings if the B sample comes back positive. But if he opens up to the media about what has happened, if he denies it has happened, then it’s the best way to move forward. Seeking a lawyer and not releasing any statements isn’t a good look.

There are two schools of thought here.

Scenario A : This is the most likely. Browne may have used this. Several boxing members on twitter are asking how Browne lost so much weight over his past two fights. Using this substance does assist with weight loss, also known as cutting. However Browne did have the camp of his life in training for this and made note several times throughout, that this is the best condition he’s ever been in.

Scenario B: Did Vada even send a representative to the bout? And who handled this? This is important because Chagaev’s previous opponent also tested positive for a banned substance. Oquendo tested positive to two different substances which were both quite unusual and not common performance enhancers.

At this current moment in time the fans are split between believing this or believing something suspicious went on. It’s probably 50-50 at the moment. Essentially Lucas Browne needs to have a chat to the media and his fans about what has gone on.

Why not reach out to leading boxing writers? Hiding behind lawyers doesn't really work well in boxing. 

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