Monday, 28 March 2016

Lennox Lewis has a net worth of $140M. Smart Investor

Lennox Lewis Net Worth 

Boxers are known to be some of the worst money managers in the history of all sportsmen. Most boxers go broke when their careers are over. Some struggle to pay tax bills when their careers are still in full momentum.

Lennox Lewis was a fantastic Heavyweight champion who ranks highly in the all time great lists. He has been able to do what some many haven’t which is, keep wealth and generate more money later on in life. Lewis currently has a net worth of $140 million.

Lewis is said to have a large property portfolio across North America and he also spends large amounts of time enjoying his holiday houses in the Carribean. Lewis is an investor who has made many fantastic business acquisitions since his retirement.

Lewis is still involved in boxing, contributing to HBO commentary and UK commentary teams. He’s always on board to analyze major fights, that’s when he’s not busy managing his large portfolio of investments.

Most of the fighters who Lewis beat during his golden run have gone broke. Lewis has done the opposite, he has accelerated his net worth and his low risk strategy ensures he will continue to be wealthy for the rest of his life.

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