Sunday, 27 March 2016

Is Lucas Browne The Next Victim Of Tainted Meat? More Info on Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol In Boxing. Is Testing Out Of Date?

As we all know Lucas Browne tested positive to Clenbuterol after his 10th round TKO win over Ruslan Chagaev in Chechyna. Erik Morales also tested positive for Clenbuterol in 2013. Browne has continued to deny his innocence & many people are sticking by him.

Here is some important information which you should take into account before judging Browne:

Clenbuterol HCI is given to livestock (cattle) to increase the size & value of the cattle for owners throughout a large number of countries (This is extremely common throughout Europe). Your probably wondering what does this mean? Well to put it simply, meats across supermarkets around the world and restaurant dishes can contain Clenbuterol. It’s hit and miss, if you’re a big meat eater you could test positive next, without knowingly taking this performance enhancer.

Victor Conte has recently posted interesting information on twitter from various reliable sources which have outlined how extensive Clenbuterol use is throughout the cattle industry. 

The problem with Lucas Browne is, he failed a urine test. From all the research I have done, a Urine test wouldn’t show the exact amounts of Clenbuterol in his sytem which is vital. A boxer who knowingly takes Clenbuterol for performance enhancing purposes would have a very high reading of Clenbuterol in his system. A boxer who has had a big serving of meat tainted with Clenbuterol would have rather low readings of Clenbuterol in his system. The urine tests would either show positive or negative, which means an unlucky meat eater could test positive. Especially if the fighter has had a bout in a foreign country which gives Clenbuterol to livestock.

Browne claims he passed his blood tests for Clenbuterol, which is the big win. From all the research I have done on this topic it seems that urine tests aren’t adequate for something like Clenbuterol. It could be in your system, it could be in my system as I type this, just because I had quite a nice serving of meat last night for dinner.

Until we get the readings about how high the traces of Clenbuterol were in Lucas Browne’s system, then we shouldn’t be so quick to judge on this issue. Even Stanazolol can be found in meat, however this is much less likely. Clenbuterol is more widely used throughout the cattle industry.

Browne could be guilty, but it’s also highly possible that he becomes the next elite fighter to test positive for Clenbuterol unknowingly. A simple meat dish at the local restaurant on the eve of the fight could have cost Browne his future and the most lucrative pay days which he had coming to him.

Fact : Did you know in Spain 135 people got sick in 1990 due to having meat which had traces of Clenbuterol in it?

Who’s to say Browne wasn’t unlucky? He won’t be the last boxer who tests positive like this. 

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