Friday, 25 March 2016

Adrian Broner In Trouble Again : Warrants, Charges & Prison Time

Unfortunately for the boxing world, Adrien Broner is in trouble again and he’s looking at spending a substantial amount of time behind bars. The latest developments could spell the end of Broner’s career or could at least see him sit out the next few years. It’s also worth noting that Broner is innocent until proven guilty and  he may beat these charges, which would be ideal for the boxing world. The troubled star is highly talented and is still young at 26 years of age and he has a lot left to achieve.

Here is what has happened and the potential outcomes:

Broner has warrants out for his arrest for Felony Assault & Aggravated Robbery in Cincinatti. Broner essentially was betting big money against another bowler at a local bowling venue. Broner lost a significant amount of money and asked the opponent to extend him a line of credit since he ran out of cash (Yes About Billions but ran out of extra cash to bet at $12 000). The bowling opponent refused to extend Broner a line of cash, which is common in street betting (Which is asking for trouble also). Broner left the venue and returned at 3:00am when the winning wagerer was leaving. Broner knocked the guy out, he also had a gun on him and he took the money with a group of 7. It’s important to mention this is all (ALLEGED & BRONER IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY).

What can happen?

The only logical thing Broner can do ahead of his April 1st bout against Theopane, is to turn himself into Police, pay the large bond and then fight and go ahead with this trial at a later date. If Broner doesn’t do this he can and should be arrested at either the weigh in or when walking out to the fight. This would be a disaster for the card. The card will go on with or without Broner, however the recent turn of events haven’t shocked anyone. On Broner’s side is the delay between allegation & warrants, since this ALLEGEDLY happened in January. Why has it taken so long for this to be reported up until now?

Broner has an extensive list of priors and has spent time in prison before.

This latest news comes after Broner released a video in which the star boxer was throwing change away at Walmart behind a group of working collar citizens waited in line behind him. The people in the line also looked confused to who Broner was, showing the fighter hadn’t reached that superstar level yet, that he feels he has.  The video continues with Broner throwing money out of a car window which led to people chasing and picking up money across the street. 

It seems that Broner is on a path to destruction at the moment. It's hard to see, he is following in the path of Jermain Taylor or potentially even Valero if things continue as they are. It will be interesting to see if the April 1st mismatch against Theopane goes ahead & if Broner is required to spend a considerable amount of time behind bars again. This all follows Floyd Mayweather Jr cutting ties with Broner since the former star fighter registered two losses against Shawn Porter and to Marcos Maidana.

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