Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What is Canelo’s Real Weight Class & Fight Night Weight

Canelo Alvarez Real Weight & Fight Night Weight 

Canelo Alvarez currently fights as a Junior Middleweight & Middleweight. He mixes this up between fights. Alvarez fought Cotto at 155 pounds for the Middleweight championship of the world. Alvarez has been fighting at 155 pounds for a few years. His team claim he’s not a legitimate Middleweight but he actually is. Alvarez enters fights at over 180 pounds, so he's already a big middleweight. Canelo rehydrates heavily after fight weigh ins and comes into the ring two weight classes up from Junior Middleweight. Alvarez is said to walk around at close to 200 pounds when he’s not in camp for a bout. The fact that Alvarez can make Junior Middleweight & Middleweight is due to extensive training camps and heavy dieting. He’s also a lot bigger in terms of fight night weight in comparison to other active middleweights. 

So Alvarez enters the ring at around 180 pounds. His walk around weight when he's not boxing is close to 200 pounds. These statistics are similar to that of a Big Middleweight or Super Middleweight. The fact that Alvarez can make Junior Middleweight is a huge advantage as he rehydrates well and has a big weight advantage over opponents by the time the bell rings. 

Is Adrien Broner vs Floyd Mayweather next?

Broner vs Floyd Mayweather 

Despite having two warrants out for his arrest, Adrien Broner will somehow fight Ashley Theopane on Friday night in Washington. The bout is seen by many as a mismatch, with Broner expected to win this one easily. Theopane is hungry and has a good work rate, which could potentially make things interesting. The big news is the fighting between Broner and Floyd Mayweather which has been going on throughout the promotion for this fight.

Some are saying this is planned to help promote the fight. But it seems real. Floyd & Broner haven’t been close for a long time, this all started when Broner began losing and not training well for bouts. Floyd has become close with Spence Jr who is now seen as the rising star of boxing and he has his break through fight coming up against Chris Algieri.

Provided Broner somehow beats his warrants and Theopane which many are expecting he will, a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr could be next. Mayweather Jr has been mentioning a bout with Danny Garcia if he was to come back. But that’s classic Floyd. Team Mayweather have always dropped a less popular name, only to go on and fight a bigger name opponent. Taking that into account though Danny Garcia is probably more of a threat to Mayweather then Broner is. However a reality series promoting the fight between Broner & Mayweather would be absolutely huge. A few pre fight scuffles would go viral with mainstream media.

Wouldn’t it be weird if Broner beats Theopane on the weekend and he has a fight with Floyd in the ring after or something like an argument or a slap happens? Wouldn’t that be a great way to promote Broner vs Floyd, which would then do huge business! Friday nights fight is easily a career high pay day for Theopane who is part of the money team. Since Broner has done this favor for Floyd, could the favor in return be a huge pay day for both with Broner vs Mayweather Jr? I wouldn't be shocked. 

How Tall Was Floyd Patterson?

Floyd Patterson Height 

Floyd Patterson was the youngest undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Patterson was just 21 years old when he was the undisputed champion. He was also the youngest champion in heavyweight history as he won the title at 20 years of age. This record was later beaten by Mike Tyson. Amazingly despite his feats, Patterson was only 6 foot tall, 183 cm. At the time this was an average height for a Heavyweight however, compared to the current generation that is quite small. In the current heavyweight division most top fighters are well over 6 foot tall.

What Did Sonny Liston Die Of? Congestive Heart Failure

Cause of Death : Sonny Liston : Congestive Heart Failure

Sonny Liston died from Congestive Heart failure. Despite the theories surrounding his death, there was some suspicious circumstances which were found according to online media reports. Heroin & marijuana was found in the house in which Liston passed away. Several experts have speculated Liston fell backwards causing his death. Liston had a dark past and some criminal connections, which has led many to list the death as suspicious. Liston’s death is still extensively talked about by boxing historians today.

Sonny Liston passed away on the 30th of December in 1970. It was well recognized that Liston had Italian mafia connections according to the online reports available to the public.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Lennox Lewis has a net worth of $140M. Smart Investor

Lennox Lewis Net Worth 

Boxers are known to be some of the worst money managers in the history of all sportsmen. Most boxers go broke when their careers are over. Some struggle to pay tax bills when their careers are still in full momentum.

Lennox Lewis was a fantastic Heavyweight champion who ranks highly in the all time great lists. He has been able to do what some many haven’t which is, keep wealth and generate more money later on in life. Lewis currently has a net worth of $140 million.

Lewis is said to have a large property portfolio across North America and he also spends large amounts of time enjoying his holiday houses in the Carribean. Lewis is an investor who has made many fantastic business acquisitions since his retirement.

Lewis is still involved in boxing, contributing to HBO commentary and UK commentary teams. He’s always on board to analyze major fights, that’s when he’s not busy managing his large portfolio of investments.

Most of the fighters who Lewis beat during his golden run have gone broke. Lewis has done the opposite, he has accelerated his net worth and his low risk strategy ensures he will continue to be wealthy for the rest of his life.