Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Is Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin Getting Made? Negotation Info.

Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin 

If you missed the huge news coming out of the UK at the moment. Rising Heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua and his team led by Eddie Hearn are in talks to fight Charles Martin next, for the IBF Heavyweight title.

Here are some important facts regarding the negotiation:

Charles Martin wants to get paid. His biggest purse to date was close to $500K for the Glazkhov bout. After taxes and paying his corner, Martin would be lucky to take home $300K. Essentially Martin isn’t wealthy at all, in comparison to previous Heavyweight champs and he wants a big pay day, that’s fair enough. The money is in the UK and he knows this.

Right now word is Haymon wants to match up Martin & Wilder, to avoid Wilder facing his dangerous mandatory in Povetkin. Wilder is adamant and keen to fight Povetkin, however Haymon has the end say. Haymon can’t force the fight for Martin, so if a huge bid comes in from the UK which it likely could, Joshua could be fighting for the IBF Heavyweight title next.

That bid is going to need to be in the $2-3M US range and Hearn and his team can get to this. The question is, will Joshua be forced to join Haymon or at least install Haymon as his advisor, this is a highly highly likely scenario. Hearn and Haymon have had a fantastic relationship over the past two years and if Haymon can lure in Joshua, his stable just got a lot stronger.

Joshua’s PPV figures against Whyte are nothing short of fantastic. The world took notice. And so did the IBF Heavyweight champion, who wants to cash in on his riches, before he’s forced to fight some solid mandatory contenders, who going by his recent performances, he will struggle to beat.

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