Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saunders Wants the GGG fight. But must happen in the UK.

Billy Joe Saunders vs GGG - UK Bound?

Billy Joe Saunders recently defeated Andy Lee in an impressive performance to pick up the WBO Middleweight world title. Saunders moved his record along to 23-0 and immediately after the fight GGG and his team have made a concrete offer to Saunders.

Despite what we reported last week about the word being for a $2.3 M offer being made for Saunders to fight GGG in the US, the offer is thought to be much less than this. The real offer is a little over $1M according to more sources, however it could even be lower, which isn’t enough money to get Saunders across to the US.

Now in response Saunders has requested GGG make the move to the UK to fight. In all reality GGG should fight Saunders in the UK. GGG and his team are after unifying all the belts. But in reality belts don’t mean much these days. Broner is a 4 time world champ and he’s young. He could be a 20 time world champ by the time his career is over. Careers aren’t defined by how many belts people win.

GGG’s biggest money fights are at 168. But his team have mentioned they remain intent on cleaning out the 160 pound division and unifying all titles. Only problem is GGG is 33 and he turns 34 years old in a few months. Time is running out and I have serious concerns his work rate will be able to remain high as he ages. 

If the Johnson fight is next, it's a waste of time for GGG legacy wise. He needs the big fights soon. 

It's also worth remembering that team GGG have mentioned they want to clear out 160 and take all the belts. If anything that puts Saunders in a very strong position business wise. GGG will get the chance to take Canelo's belt later in the year. But if GGG has all the belts, apart from Saunders. He will need to bid big to get a chance to fight Saunders. If Saunders and his team play their cards right, a huge pay day looms. Might be best to wait until 2017 for this one. 

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