Saturday, 30 January 2016

Kovalev vs Pascal 2 Is A Lock. Early KO For Kovalev : Video Analysis

Kovalev vs Pascal 2 Prediction & Analysis 

We are hours away from Pascal vs Kovalev 2. It's hard not to get excited for this fight, since both are always in entertaining fights. However to put this bluntly, this is a mismatch & it won't last long. Kovalev will win this inside of four rounds. I will go over some inside information and some general information into why Pascal is on the way down. 

Pascal's Former Trainer - Word going around gyms and boxing circles is a former member of Pascal's team refused to work with him in this fight, out of concern for the outcome and Pascal's health. This cornerman said Pascal is no chance to beat Kovalev & he turned down the opportunity to work with Pascal for this bout & also cost himself some money. If this is to be believed, it rings alarm bells. Pascal's team see him train and spar each session, so if one person has pulled out due to concerns about the outcome, then it's likely Pascal isn't showing much in the gym. 

Pascal also lost his last bout to Gonzalez. Despite the scorecards showing Pascal won, he lost this bout by around 3-4 rounds. Media sitting ringside at this bout all scored the fight for Gonzalez. 

So what to expect? This won't last long. Pascal has a good chin and he's tough & stubborn. Kovalev should take Pascal out within 3 rounds. Pascal is shot, in terms of stamina. He gets very tired and only fights for 1 minute in each round. He takes parts of the rounds off. However Pascal still does have a big punch and he won't lose this. If he can somehow land something huge on Kovalev, well anything can happen. But the chance of an early Kovalev KO win is very very high. 

This should be fun. They both hate each other. If Pascal can pull off this upset it will be astonishing. But it simply won't happen. Kovalev by KO in round 3 or 4. 

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