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Anthony Joshua. Tyson Fury & David Haye 2016-17-18 Predictions

Anthony Joshua. Tyson Fury & David Haye. Who Wins?

As we know a major daily discussion from our UK fight fans seems to be who is the best out of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury & David Haye. And who will be the best in a couple of years and who will also win these bouts if they fought now or in a couple of years? Well I rate all three Heavyweights very highly and I will provide a detailed prediction and analysis of all three fighters. This analysis will focus on where they sit in the current frame and future frame of Heavyweight boxing. 


In the current Heavyweight scene Anthony Joshua looks fantastic. Joshua just destroyed Whyte over 7 rounds in London. He looked as good as he always does, ridiculously powerful, fast and a total carelessness and lack of respect for his opponents power. He virtually walked through Whyte over 7 rounds. However at one stage Joshua did get caught, but he recovered quickly, which wasn’t a major issue for me. 

David Haye is back and he’s fighting Mark Demori in a couple of weeks. Now this is the biggest test of DeMori’s career and also his biggest pay day so far. Demori isn’t bad, he has a fair few Australians and Croatians who rate him, he’s unknown because he hasn’t stepped up so far. He came close to getting a bout with Deontay Wilder around one year ago, however that never came to fruition. Haye still has a fair bit left. He’s not old in terms of heavyweights and he has lived a clean lifestyle of organic eating for the past few years. The reason for his comeback according to many is that he needs money, which actually is quite a motivating force so it's probably a positive.

Tyson Fury as of the beginning of 2016 is the unified Heavyweight champion of the world. Despite what you may read by supposedly "leading boxing experts" that Fury was horrible when he beat Wladimir Klitschko and Klitschko was even worse, I totally disagree. Fury went to enemy territory and totally neutralized Klitschko with fantastic head movement, faints, ring generalship and smart combination punching at the right times. 

So who wins out of all three right now? Who is the best?

Well it’s quite clear. Tyson Fury as the Undisputed Heavyweight champion should be recognized as the best right now. Fury did what Haye couldn’t. Haye couldn’t come close to beating Wladimir Klitschko during his attempt several years back. 

However this isn’t being overly harsh on Haye. Haye stands a better chance to beat Fury then he does Wlad, in my opinion due to both styles meshing. 

Now in terms of Anthony Joshua in my opinion he loses to both Fury at Haye at the moment. But in two years time he could easily beat both. But it’s easy to say that with hindsight, realistically Joshua needs to stay injury free and he needs to continue stepping up in opposition and he should face a fighter like Arreola next. 

So in summary. Fury is the king as of right now. He deserves to be respected as this due to his stunning upset over Wlad in 2015. Can Haye beat Fury? Well he stands a solid chance. I would be picking Fury by close decision, however if Haye looks good in his comeback bout he does have a very strong chance. Now for Anthony Joshua as we mentioned I don’t think he beats Fury or Haye at the moment, but in two years time he likely beats both. 

We need to remember Fury is a very big Heavyweight, who is highly skilled, intelligent and someone who has fantastic coordination and who can fight from multiple stances. He shouldn’t be under estimated. 

All three are excitement machines. I expect Joshua to have a longer and more stunning reign as Heavyweight champ. But for the moment Fury is the king. And Haye if he can get himself focused and back in form, is a total dark horse and he could shake things up nicely.

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