Friday, 22 January 2016

Brook vs Khan in 2016 Is No Chance. Both Sides to Blame.

Khan vs Brook Negotiations Fall apart

No Shock here. Despite being one of the biggest fights in boxing at the moment and one of the biggest fights in UK history, Khan vs Brook won’t be happening in 2016 and here’s why:

The egos of both sides are getting in the way of simple business and economics.

Despite being told not to go to the media with anything, Khan went public with some private negotiation information today.

According to Hearn: Khan’s lawyer met with Eddie Hearn and requested a guarantee of 10 million £ for the bout to move forward. Khan’s team also requested an upside figure of 80-20. These demands are unrealistic. But not to far off. The guarantee is a non-starter, that's not happening. The split should be around 60-40 or 65-35 to Khan. Khan is the much bigger draw in the UK & in the US also. However offering Brook only 20%, considering Brook has the title, ensures the fight doesn't happen. 

It seems as though Khan's team were unable to move on this and this was the first and final offer for the bout to move forward. It's also possible Hearn and Brook's ego's got in the way and negotiations simply stalled. It's pure insanity on both parts really. It's not only the biggest fight for both in terms of legacy, it's the biggest fight in terms of money. 

Khan stands to earn around $3M US for a rematch with Garcia, should Garcia beat Guerrero. Khan would be looking at between $10-$15M US for a bout with Brook in the UK. It does a huge gate and some serious broadcasting fees across the globe. 

Kell Brook is currently earning around the $500 000 US mark per fight. A fight with Khan would earn Brook close to $5M US, even with a smaller share of the purse.

Insanity from both sides is ensuring this fight is gone for 2016. The funny thing is Khan vs Brook is actually a bigger fight in the USA then Khan vs Garcia 2. So this makes absolutely no sense. 

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