Friday, 8 January 2016

Is Tyson Fury Irish?

Irish Heritage & Amateur Boxing

Tyson Fury is Irish by ancestry. His grandparents were born in Ireland and they are known as ‘Irish Travellers’. A majority of the families time has been spent between Ireland & England. Fury classifies himself as Irish and he has the right to. Fury also fought for Ireland as an amateur boxer throughout several tournaments.

A little off topic, I noticed the criticism Paul Malignaggi is receiving for representing both Italy & the United States despite being born in the US. Well Malignaggi lived in Italy for 10 years growing up, so it’s not right if the public or media personalities question a fighters right to represent the country of their ancestry. Miguel Cotto is also born in New York City, he represents Puerto Rico and we support that, as we should. It’s totally up to the fighters with who they represent.

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