Saturday, 30 January 2016

Kovalev vs Pascal 2 Is A Lock. Early KO For Kovalev : Video Analysis

Kovalev vs Pascal 2 Prediction & Analysis 

We are hours away from Pascal vs Kovalev 2. It's hard not to get excited for this fight, since both are always in entertaining fights. However to put this bluntly, this is a mismatch & it won't last long. Kovalev will win this inside of four rounds. I will go over some inside information and some general information into why Pascal is on the way down. 

Pascal's Former Trainer - Word going around gyms and boxing circles is a former member of Pascal's team refused to work with him in this fight, out of concern for the outcome and Pascal's health. This cornerman said Pascal is no chance to beat Kovalev & he turned down the opportunity to work with Pascal for this bout & also cost himself some money. If this is to be believed, it rings alarm bells. Pascal's team see him train and spar each session, so if one person has pulled out due to concerns about the outcome, then it's likely Pascal isn't showing much in the gym. 

Pascal also lost his last bout to Gonzalez. Despite the scorecards showing Pascal won, he lost this bout by around 3-4 rounds. Media sitting ringside at this bout all scored the fight for Gonzalez. 

So what to expect? This won't last long. Pascal has a good chin and he's tough & stubborn. Kovalev should take Pascal out within 3 rounds. Pascal is shot, in terms of stamina. He gets very tired and only fights for 1 minute in each round. He takes parts of the rounds off. However Pascal still does have a big punch and he won't lose this. If he can somehow land something huge on Kovalev, well anything can happen. But the chance of an early Kovalev KO win is very very high. 

This should be fun. They both hate each other. If Pascal can pull off this upset it will be astonishing. But it simply won't happen. Kovalev by KO in round 3 or 4. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Brook vs Khan in 2016 Is No Chance. Both Sides to Blame.

Khan vs Brook Negotiations Fall apart

No Shock here. Despite being one of the biggest fights in boxing at the moment and one of the biggest fights in UK history, Khan vs Brook won’t be happening in 2016 and here’s why:

The egos of both sides are getting in the way of simple business and economics.

Despite being told not to go to the media with anything, Khan went public with some private negotiation information today.

According to Hearn: Khan’s lawyer met with Eddie Hearn and requested a guarantee of 10 million £ for the bout to move forward. Khan’s team also requested an upside figure of 80-20. These demands are unrealistic. But not to far off. The guarantee is a non-starter, that's not happening. The split should be around 60-40 or 65-35 to Khan. Khan is the much bigger draw in the UK & in the US also. However offering Brook only 20%, considering Brook has the title, ensures the fight doesn't happen. 

It seems as though Khan's team were unable to move on this and this was the first and final offer for the bout to move forward. It's also possible Hearn and Brook's ego's got in the way and negotiations simply stalled. It's pure insanity on both parts really. It's not only the biggest fight for both in terms of legacy, it's the biggest fight in terms of money. 

Khan stands to earn around $3M US for a rematch with Garcia, should Garcia beat Guerrero. Khan would be looking at between $10-$15M US for a bout with Brook in the UK. It does a huge gate and some serious broadcasting fees across the globe. 

Kell Brook is currently earning around the $500 000 US mark per fight. A fight with Khan would earn Brook close to $5M US, even with a smaller share of the purse.

Insanity from both sides is ensuring this fight is gone for 2016. The funny thing is Khan vs Brook is actually a bigger fight in the USA then Khan vs Garcia 2. So this makes absolutely no sense. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saunders Wants the GGG fight. But must happen in the UK.

Billy Joe Saunders vs GGG - UK Bound?

Billy Joe Saunders recently defeated Andy Lee in an impressive performance to pick up the WBO Middleweight world title. Saunders moved his record along to 23-0 and immediately after the fight GGG and his team have made a concrete offer to Saunders.

Despite what we reported last week about the word being for a $2.3 M offer being made for Saunders to fight GGG in the US, the offer is thought to be much less than this. The real offer is a little over $1M according to more sources, however it could even be lower, which isn’t enough money to get Saunders across to the US.

Now in response Saunders has requested GGG make the move to the UK to fight. In all reality GGG should fight Saunders in the UK. GGG and his team are after unifying all the belts. But in reality belts don’t mean much these days. Broner is a 4 time world champ and he’s young. He could be a 20 time world champ by the time his career is over. Careers aren’t defined by how many belts people win.

GGG’s biggest money fights are at 168. But his team have mentioned they remain intent on cleaning out the 160 pound division and unifying all titles. Only problem is GGG is 33 and he turns 34 years old in a few months. Time is running out and I have serious concerns his work rate will be able to remain high as he ages. 

If the Johnson fight is next, it's a waste of time for GGG legacy wise. He needs the big fights soon. 

It's also worth remembering that team GGG have mentioned they want to clear out 160 and take all the belts. If anything that puts Saunders in a very strong position business wise. GGG will get the chance to take Canelo's belt later in the year. But if GGG has all the belts, apart from Saunders. He will need to bid big to get a chance to fight Saunders. If Saunders and his team play their cards right, a huge pay day looms. Might be best to wait until 2017 for this one. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

Deontay Wilder Career Earnings & Forbes Financial Information Summary

Deontay Wilder - Future Money Man 

Deontay Wilder is the WBC Heavyweight champion of the world. The brash speaking, extremely powerful and rangy American is becoming one of the most popular figures in boxing, especially in the States. Wilder recently had an article published on Forbes discussing his potential and ability to eventually become unified Heavyweight champion.

Currently Wilder is earning around $1-$1.5 million per fight and his last two fights have been stay busy fights, against lesser fighters. Wilder earnt a similar purse vs Stiverne, who he won the WBC Heavyweight world title against. At the moment Wilder’s purses aren’t impressive as they are solid, but seen often throughout the sport. Wilder is currently earning similar purses to what Adrien Broner earns and this is after Broner has incurred several losses.

Wilder speaks well and he’s powerful. His fights are entertaining. He is also vulnerable and can be hurt, so when fans watch Wilder’s fights they know it could finish early and could potentially go either way.

As of right now Wilder is about to move towards his first $2M pay day which should be seen against Szpilka. Now it should get interesting after this bout should Wilder win. Wilder could be looking at a mandatory defence against Povetkin. Povetkins promoters will try win the purse bid and stage the bout in Europe. Wilder’s promoter and manager Al Haymon will also try to win that purse bid. This could lead to a purse in the range of $5M + for Wilder to defend his title against Povetkin, regardless of where the fight takes place.

If Wilder is to beat Povetkin, which many feel is unlikely, he will then be in line for one of the biggest money fights in sport. Unifying against Tyson Fury, provided Fury beats Wladimir Klitschko again in the rematch which is widely expected. Wilder vs Fury if staged in either the US or the UK, could be Wilder’s first purse of $10M plus. It’s a fair way off and Wilder needs to win his next two bouts.

However Wilder’s current net worth is around $10M US. But if he wins his next two bouts, he could become the biggest earner in the sport.


Is Tyson Fury Irish?

Irish Heritage & Amateur Boxing

Tyson Fury is Irish by ancestry. His grandparents were born in Ireland and they are known as ‘Irish Travellers’. A majority of the families time has been spent between Ireland & England. Fury classifies himself as Irish and he has the right to. Fury also fought for Ireland as an amateur boxer throughout several tournaments.

A little off topic, I noticed the criticism Paul Malignaggi is receiving for representing both Italy & the United States despite being born in the US. Well Malignaggi lived in Italy for 10 years growing up, so it’s not right if the public or media personalities question a fighters right to represent the country of their ancestry. Miguel Cotto is also born in New York City, he represents Puerto Rico and we support that, as we should. It’s totally up to the fighters with who they represent.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Roy Jones Jr Financial Difficulty : Is Roy Broke? News from Russia and the US.

Roy Jones Jr Owes $4M in Back Taxes. According to Hyrunov

In some horrible news, the news we all knew, it seems as though Roy Jones Jr is having some serious financial difficulties. Russian promoters have been quoted as saying Roy owes as much as $4M US in back taxes. Roy lost heavily in Real Estate and Music businesses which he set up over the years. 

Here is some basic information as to Roy’s current situation:

Russian promoter Hyrunov has reportedly paid off Roy’s entire debt with the US Government. The debt was close to $4 M. From documents I can see this debt has been accumulating for a while. (Documents online can be found from as far back as 2011).

Roy earnt around $500 000 to fight Enzo Macarinelli. It’s hard to believe he actually made money, the purpose of the fight could have been to pay money back. 

Roy lost a majority of his income in failed real estate and music businesses. 

It’s not all doom and gloom for Roy, as a Russian citizen he is extremely popular in that country. He has partnered with several businesses man to open up boxing schools, courses and other businesses which could generate some significant revenue. 

Roy is also paid well as a leading HBO commentator. 

Roy is just another former superstar in a long list of boxers who are going through major financial problems. 

More information on Roy's current financial situation can be found from the below link.

Anthony Joshua. Tyson Fury & David Haye 2016-17-18 Predictions

Anthony Joshua. Tyson Fury & David Haye. Who Wins?

As we know a major daily discussion from our UK fight fans seems to be who is the best out of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury & David Haye. And who will be the best in a couple of years and who will also win these bouts if they fought now or in a couple of years? Well I rate all three Heavyweights very highly and I will provide a detailed prediction and analysis of all three fighters. This analysis will focus on where they sit in the current frame and future frame of Heavyweight boxing. 


In the current Heavyweight scene Anthony Joshua looks fantastic. Joshua just destroyed Whyte over 7 rounds in London. He looked as good as he always does, ridiculously powerful, fast and a total carelessness and lack of respect for his opponents power. He virtually walked through Whyte over 7 rounds. However at one stage Joshua did get caught, but he recovered quickly, which wasn’t a major issue for me. 

David Haye is back and he’s fighting Mark Demori in a couple of weeks. Now this is the biggest test of DeMori’s career and also his biggest pay day so far. Demori isn’t bad, he has a fair few Australians and Croatians who rate him, he’s unknown because he hasn’t stepped up so far. He came close to getting a bout with Deontay Wilder around one year ago, however that never came to fruition. Haye still has a fair bit left. He’s not old in terms of heavyweights and he has lived a clean lifestyle of organic eating for the past few years. The reason for his comeback according to many is that he needs money, which actually is quite a motivating force so it's probably a positive.

Tyson Fury as of the beginning of 2016 is the unified Heavyweight champion of the world. Despite what you may read by supposedly "leading boxing experts" that Fury was horrible when he beat Wladimir Klitschko and Klitschko was even worse, I totally disagree. Fury went to enemy territory and totally neutralized Klitschko with fantastic head movement, faints, ring generalship and smart combination punching at the right times. 

So who wins out of all three right now? Who is the best?

Well it’s quite clear. Tyson Fury as the Undisputed Heavyweight champion should be recognized as the best right now. Fury did what Haye couldn’t. Haye couldn’t come close to beating Wladimir Klitschko during his attempt several years back. 

However this isn’t being overly harsh on Haye. Haye stands a better chance to beat Fury then he does Wlad, in my opinion due to both styles meshing. 

Now in terms of Anthony Joshua in my opinion he loses to both Fury at Haye at the moment. But in two years time he could easily beat both. But it’s easy to say that with hindsight, realistically Joshua needs to stay injury free and he needs to continue stepping up in opposition and he should face a fighter like Arreola next. 

So in summary. Fury is the king as of right now. He deserves to be respected as this due to his stunning upset over Wlad in 2015. Can Haye beat Fury? Well he stands a solid chance. I would be picking Fury by close decision, however if Haye looks good in his comeback bout he does have a very strong chance. Now for Anthony Joshua as we mentioned I don’t think he beats Fury or Haye at the moment, but in two years time he likely beats both. 

We need to remember Fury is a very big Heavyweight, who is highly skilled, intelligent and someone who has fantastic coordination and who can fight from multiple stances. He shouldn’t be under estimated. 

All three are excitement machines. I expect Joshua to have a longer and more stunning reign as Heavyweight champ. But for the moment Fury is the king. And Haye if he can get himself focused and back in form, is a total dark horse and he could shake things up nicely.

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