Friday, 4 December 2015

Boxing Needs to Get It Right. With Commentators and Pundits.

Boxing Needs New Commentary Talent 

Our sport is healthy, it’s growing constantly. The PBC series is an outstanding attempt to bring boxing to the mainstream. But all over the world we are getting things wrong at a very important level. A majority of boxing writers and experts simply aren’t up to the level which is required and I will go into detail here.

Roy Jones Jr, an ATG is coming up with some weird and incorrect calls on nearly all HBO broadcasts as of late. Roy researched the wrong Klitschko and was bringing up one of Vitali’s bouts in why Wlad will win his fight against Fury. Roy then went on to come up with a weird call, saying muscle memory was the reason why Klitschko can’t fight off the back foot, which is the weirdest call in history. It was outlandish and guess what? Max Kellerman agreed.

Then we have several boxing experts who simply have no experience in the ring. They are die hard followers but they rely way to heavily on CompuBox. Which is a scoring system, relying on one or several people to hit a button each time they think a jab or power punch lands. Now this is heavily influenced by individual judgement and therefore influenced by human error (compubox can be way off).

Another example of how poor some boxing experts have been can be seen on a UK radio station this week. The sports leading boxing expert, who has a huge twitter subscriber list, who is also known to block those who disagree with him, came on a popular show and in front of a huge audience said Fury won but no one deserved to win the fight. Now right after a sensible, experienced and leading boxing personality in ‘Paul Malignaggi’ came onto the show and explained the Fury won due to a superior strategy, reflexes and a better well rounded game plan.

It’s insane at the moment, how our sport is in a very important phase, we are trying to grow and develop new superstars after Floyd has retired and Manny is about to retire. However we have commentators and boxing experts communicating to huge mainstream sport audiences, with sub-par advice & research.

How does one research the wrong fighter? And then commentate on how his brother will win a bout because of how his brother fought? How can one leading expert not break down what Tyson Fury did, which was implement an insane amount of head and upper body movement which hasn’t been seen in years in the Heavyweight division? Klitschko wasn't able to land on Fury, because he was showing incredibly quick and agile upper body and head movement.

Right now, it’s time for boxing to make the change and start to bring in those who are strong in communicating, analyzing and have a great understanding of boxing. The UK is producing the best broadcasting talent at the moment and some of this talent should make the move over to the US. America currently has one superstar and that’s Paul Malignaggi. Regardless of what people may say, no one comes close to this guy. He’s experienced, can analyse a fight with a crazy amount of detail and he also communicates as good as any CEO of a big corporation.  

At some stage these major networks need to try new talent. It’s obvious that several veterans who still fight, are suffering the effects of punishment the sport gives, yet they are still commentating in front of huge audiences.

As we have said for the last year it’s time to give a few new fresh faces a chance. 

Tyson Fury Net Worth And Fight Career Pay Days

Tyson Fury - Financial Net Worth 

Tyson Fury is one of the best heavyweights in the world at the moment. In 2013 not many boxing experts took Tyson Fury seriously. Several however did and those experts included the late, great, Emmanuel Steward. Tyson Fury as of December 2015 now sits on the top of the Heavyweight division and on top of boxing. His charisma is attracting media attention across the world and he’s developing a huge fan base, also outside of the UK.

Fury’s purse was around 4 million pounds for the Klitschko bout last month. Fury won the bout by unanimous decision, shocking the world and boxing experts across the globe. Fury now holds the WBA, IBF and WBO Heavyweight championships of the world. Apart from the massive sanctioning fees, which are incurred by unified champions, Team Fury are now set for some massive pay days.

Fury can now command 2-3 million pounds per fight, against mediocre opponents. HBO were impressed by his performance against Wlad and every big name in America and Europe has called Fury out. These include David Haye, who simply won’t get the fight, after he withdrew twice for a fight between them in the past.

When Fury first came into month he was involved in some solid spending, driving flash cars and things like that, however he’s matured as a person. He’s been off alcohol and he has also been staying in budget motels for his holiday, after celebrating becoming the Heavyweight champion of the world.

Fury's current net worth is at around 10M pounds, however with several successful title defenses that will jump quickly. His rematch with Klitschko will likely earn Fury close to that figure in one bout. So his net worth will be doubled from just one bout. Potential bouts with Deontay Wilder would be huge and probably the biggest money