Sunday, 4 October 2015

Shock In California As Viktor Postol Defeats Lucas Mattyshe

Viktor Postol Shocks The World

Tonight at the Stub Hub Centre in Carson, California Viktor Postol caused a shock upset and defeated Lucas Mattyshe by 10th round KO. Postol moves to 29-0, whereas Mattyshe moves to 37-3. The result was a shocking upset and no major boxing experts or pundits predicted a Postol win. The bout was rather sour from the start. Many predicted this would be an action packed bout, however it turned into a chess match for large portions.

Fight Analysis

Postol was clinical. We all knew he was good, but this result was a huge upset. Postol is only 31 and seems to be peaking late which has excited his promoters. They are already predicting he will be a force at 140 and then 147 pounds. Postol already had an impressive win over Aydin on his record, but this shocking upset is the highlight of his career so far. Postol looked sharp, he was winning a majority of the rounds by his lengthy jab and combination punching which was followed by excellent timing. Postol will give anyone trouble at 140 due to how rangy he is and how high his skill level is. In saying that it seemed like Lucas provided the perfect opponent tonight, in a fantastic style match up for the Ukranian fighter. Postol’s team were extremely confident going into this fight and many felt as if they were being disrespectful, but they were spot on. Postol delivered everything his team promised. Postol will need to improve his English though if he’s going to become a huge name in the States.

Mattysshe And Golden Boy Promotions Got It Wrong

Mattysshe has always been a huge puncher and entertainment machine. But his promoters and manager got it wrong big time. Lucas leaves everything in the ring when he fights, so he shouldn’t be fighting more than twice a year, if his team are intelligent about prolonging his career. Instead they have directed Lucas to fight four times over the past 18 months against Molina Jr, Ortiz, Provodnikov and now Postol. All of these bouts have been tough and Mattysshe has taken some serious punishment in three of those bouts. Instead of allowing the star Argentinian fighter to have an extended time to recover, he was put into camp again and again. Action fighters such as Lucas, Provodnikov or Rios shouldn’t be fighting more than twice a year. They all take a lot of punishment in each fight and it doesn’t allow a long career and for the fighters to stay at the top of their game.


Congratulations to Postol tonight, he looked awesome. It was a shocking upset. Postol was good at range and his jab was spot on. He’s a tough fight for anyone at 140 and he could develop into a solid contender or champ at 147, given his frame and height (5 - 11)

Golden Boy Promotions and Mattyshes management have a bit to answer for, after this loss. Despite the fighter taking a lot of responsibility for the loss, he wasn’t managed well. He fought to often, in wars or gruelling fights and it looked to have taken a lot out of Lucas. Mattyhsse looked quite weak tonight and drained throughout several stages of the fight, his work rate was not like anything we have seen before.

Postol will find himself in a big fight next & Lucas will also land another big fight to redeem himself, which he deserves.

The Pacquiao fight which was there for Lucas if he won tonight, has vanished and so has the $2M + pay day it would have provided. 

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