Monday, 5 October 2015

Broner Beats Down Allakhverdiev To Make History

Broner TKO 12 Allakhverdiev Fight Analysis And Opinion

Whether you like him, or hate him. Broner made history on Saturday night in Ohio. Headlining a Showtime Sports Card, Broner became the only fighter in history to win four titles in four weight divisions, by 26 years of age. The achievement is astonishing considering the exploits of Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao over the modern era. At the moment Broner is close to the most disliked fighter in the sport, but this achievement can’t be ignored.

Broner looked sharp from the outset, his speed and power was there for all to see. Broner rocked Allakhverdiev with some awesome combination punching and some vicious uppercuts. Broner had a high work rate and he looked motivated which was a change from the Porter bout. Coming into the fight many wondered whether Broner took this fight serious or if he decided to drink and party his way through camp, like he did for the Porter bout. Well Broner was in shape, he was mentally and physically ready and he looked sharp.

Broner won close to every round. Allakhverdiev had no answer to Broner’s reflexes or counter punching. This was probably the best Broner has looked in a long time. Before the bout he had a deep interview with Showtime Sports who put him on the spot for his recent antics. Broner answered the questions well and actually came across as a likeable character. As we all know the About Billions character is just that, a character to generate interest and money.

Broner needs to continue at 140. Allakhverdiev wasn’t highly rated, but he was respected and everyone knew the tough Russian would come to fight. He didn’t quit, the ref stopped it In the 12th. I agree with Pauli Malignaggi’s commentary that the ref should have let Allakhverdiev see out the fight, as he probably could have without serious injury. But the stoppage wasn’t a bad one, either way Broner would have won. And it did save Allakhverdiev from taking more punishment.

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