Monday, 5 October 2015

Broner Beats Down Allakhverdiev To Make History

Broner TKO 12 Allakhverdiev Fight Analysis And Opinion

Whether you like him, or hate him. Broner made history on Saturday night in Ohio. Headlining a Showtime Sports Card, Broner became the only fighter in history to win four titles in four weight divisions, by 26 years of age. The achievement is astonishing considering the exploits of Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao over the modern era. At the moment Broner is close to the most disliked fighter in the sport, but this achievement can’t be ignored.

Broner looked sharp from the outset, his speed and power was there for all to see. Broner rocked Allakhverdiev with some awesome combination punching and some vicious uppercuts. Broner had a high work rate and he looked motivated which was a change from the Porter bout. Coming into the fight many wondered whether Broner took this fight serious or if he decided to drink and party his way through camp, like he did for the Porter bout. Well Broner was in shape, he was mentally and physically ready and he looked sharp.

Broner won close to every round. Allakhverdiev had no answer to Broner’s reflexes or counter punching. This was probably the best Broner has looked in a long time. Before the bout he had a deep interview with Showtime Sports who put him on the spot for his recent antics. Broner answered the questions well and actually came across as a likeable character. As we all know the About Billions character is just that, a character to generate interest and money.

Broner needs to continue at 140. Allakhverdiev wasn’t highly rated, but he was respected and everyone knew the tough Russian would come to fight. He didn’t quit, the ref stopped it In the 12th. I agree with Pauli Malignaggi’s commentary that the ref should have let Allakhverdiev see out the fight, as he probably could have without serious injury. But the stoppage wasn’t a bad one, either way Broner would have won. And it did save Allakhverdiev from taking more punishment.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Shock In California As Viktor Postol Defeats Lucas Mattyshe

Viktor Postol Shocks The World

Tonight at the Stub Hub Centre in Carson, California Viktor Postol caused a shock upset and defeated Lucas Mattyshe by 10th round KO. Postol moves to 29-0, whereas Mattyshe moves to 37-3. The result was a shocking upset and no major boxing experts or pundits predicted a Postol win. The bout was rather sour from the start. Many predicted this would be an action packed bout, however it turned into a chess match for large portions.

Fight Analysis

Postol was clinical. We all knew he was good, but this result was a huge upset. Postol is only 31 and seems to be peaking late which has excited his promoters. They are already predicting he will be a force at 140 and then 147 pounds. Postol already had an impressive win over Aydin on his record, but this shocking upset is the highlight of his career so far. Postol looked sharp, he was winning a majority of the rounds by his lengthy jab and combination punching which was followed by excellent timing. Postol will give anyone trouble at 140 due to how rangy he is and how high his skill level is. In saying that it seemed like Lucas provided the perfect opponent tonight, in a fantastic style match up for the Ukranian fighter. Postol’s team were extremely confident going into this fight and many felt as if they were being disrespectful, but they were spot on. Postol delivered everything his team promised. Postol will need to improve his English though if he’s going to become a huge name in the States.

Mattysshe And Golden Boy Promotions Got It Wrong

Mattysshe has always been a huge puncher and entertainment machine. But his promoters and manager got it wrong big time. Lucas leaves everything in the ring when he fights, so he shouldn’t be fighting more than twice a year, if his team are intelligent about prolonging his career. Instead they have directed Lucas to fight four times over the past 18 months against Molina Jr, Ortiz, Provodnikov and now Postol. All of these bouts have been tough and Mattysshe has taken some serious punishment in three of those bouts. Instead of allowing the star Argentinian fighter to have an extended time to recover, he was put into camp again and again. Action fighters such as Lucas, Provodnikov or Rios shouldn’t be fighting more than twice a year. They all take a lot of punishment in each fight and it doesn’t allow a long career and for the fighters to stay at the top of their game.


Congratulations to Postol tonight, he looked awesome. It was a shocking upset. Postol was good at range and his jab was spot on. He’s a tough fight for anyone at 140 and he could develop into a solid contender or champ at 147, given his frame and height (5 - 11)

Golden Boy Promotions and Mattyshes management have a bit to answer for, after this loss. Despite the fighter taking a lot of responsibility for the loss, he wasn’t managed well. He fought to often, in wars or gruelling fights and it looked to have taken a lot out of Lucas. Mattyhsse looked quite weak tonight and drained throughout several stages of the fight, his work rate was not like anything we have seen before.

Postol will find himself in a big fight next & Lucas will also land another big fight to redeem himself, which he deserves.

The Pacquiao fight which was there for Lucas if he won tonight, has vanished and so has the $2M + pay day it would have provided. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Arturo Gatti Net Worth & Information Article

Arturo Gatti Information : Boxing Career Analysis

Arturo Gatti was one of the most entertaining fighters of all time. Gatti always entertained the crowds, with his furious and relentless power punching combinations, combined with his preference of getting into wars with opponents. Some times Gatti could easily box his way to clear UD wins over opponents, only to decide to mix it up and go to war with the goal of winning but entertaining the crowd as his top preference.

Where Was Gatti Born?

Arturo Gatti was born in Cassino, Italy on the 15th of April, 1972. When Gatti was a teenager he decided to move to Canada in order to find better employment opportunities. Italy was going through a bad period in terms of employment and the youth were restricted in pursuing wealth and a comfortable life at the time.


Despite often fighting with trunks covered in the Italian flag, Arturo Gatti recognized Canada as his 2nd home. He had a huge fan base in Canada, which later developed in the United States. As Gatti’s career succeeded he also generated a substantial fan base in his native Italy, who aren’t big boxing fans. A majority of Gatti’s fights took place in New Jersey or in New York, where the large American-Italian populations were there to support.

Arturo Gatti Net Worth

Gatti earnt close to $30 million in total career prizemoney. Gatti’s major money earning fights were his bouts with Mickey Ward and the sole bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Mayweather Jr bout went horribly for Gatti who turned into target practice for the super fast and comprehensively skilled Mayweather, being beaten down in 6 rounds in front of his home town fans. After his death a 48 hours of mystery documentary which is available to watch on youtube, Gatti had a fortune worth millions and his family wasn’t happy with how they would be left without any. And his Brazillian wife would be left with a majority of his fortune. We are unsure on the specifics of this as it’s obviously private information, but the 48 hours of mystery documentary on Arturo Gatti’s life and death is worth watching and goes for 45 minutes.

Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward Bouts

These bouts will ensure Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward both live long in boxing history. The current generation can remember there three brutal bouts clearly which took place in 2002 and 2003. Before the bouts were made it was widely expected in the boxing world that this could easily produce an amazing fight. And they weren’t wrong. All three fights are some of the greatest bouts to have ever taken place in the history of the sport. Despite loosing the first bout, Gatti won the 2nd and 3rd bouts. Mickey Ward was interviewed during the Gatti documentary and he mentioned his relationship with Gatti was like a brotherhood after the wars they went through together. Those bouts brought out respect between the two, as wars in boxing often do. Building respect and recognition from each other with the courage that each possess.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Gatti Bout

In 2005 Arturo Gatti faced Floyd Mayweather Jr in New Jersey. Despite Gatti going in with a chance in the fight, with many tipping he would beat Mayweather. In hindsight we didn’t know how great Mayweather was then. The brash talking American unleashed a vicious 6 round assault on Gatti to win the fight comfortably. This signalled a warning to all 140 and 147 pounders, that Mayweather wasn’t a man to be messed with from here. Despite taking a horrendous beating in this fight Gatti showed his heart and refused to quit as normal, trying to land a big shot on Mayweather.

Gatti’s Death

Arturo Gatti passed away in Brazil in 2009. Gatti’s death is surrounded with suspicion, according to boxing fans and media sources. The Arturo Gatti documentary on youtube which I mentioned before presents both sides of the story between Gatti’s family and his wife. I’m not passing comment on this because I am unqualified and don’t have all the facts. But the 48 hours of mystery documentary is very informative and a must watch if you have some spare time.

Gatti will always be remembered as one of the greatest action fighters of all time. Boxing Kingdom favorite Peter Sferrazza mentioned a famous quote of Gatti’s on his podcast. After Gatti got dropped in a fight he went back to his corner and said I need to fight on, I just bought a new luxury car. Gatti did get up as usual and he went on to win the fight.

RIP legend. The boxing world misses you.

Muhammad Ali Training Routine, Camp & Workout Information

Training & Camp Routine Analysis of the Great Ali 

Muhammad Ali is widely regarded as the greatest fighter of all time. Ali’s main rival in pure fighting terms is Sugar Ray Robinson, but Ali stood for a lot outside of the ring, which has contributed to his reputation. Ali’s face is recognizable around the world and he was a genius in the ring. His footwork, which he labelled as 'dancing' was the feature of his game plan, which included a lightning jab and combination punching which could barely be seen by his opponents. Ali was revolutionary, never before had this speed been seen in the Heavyweight division. I will provide a detailed analysis and breakdown of Ali’s workload and training regimens and how this helped him develop speed, muscle and power which contributed to his status as the greatest fighter of all time. 

Roadwork – Running

Probably the most important concept of Ali’s training. Ali was an early riser and would usually complete his running training at the time of 5.30AM. For a full time fighter, daily road work was was rare in the sport back in those days. Ali would run 6 days a week, with the 7th day being labelled a rest day. Ali would run 6 miles per day, however this peaked at different times in the training camps. Early on the runs would be longer and Ali would begin to reduce the length, as fight night came closer. Ali’s running was also done at a fast pace. 

Shadow Boxing : Reflex Training 

Ali would allocate close to 30 minutes for his warm up. He would do several light exercises and excessive stretching, to ensure his body and joints were warm, detracting the chances of causing injury. After the stretching Ali would typically do between 5 and 7, 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing. Shadow boxing would be done in front of a mirror so Ali could improve his technique. Ali shadow boxing was a site to see and he was extremely fast. 

Sit Ups and Leg Crunches 

Ali was well ahead of his time, doing by far the most sit ups of his era. He was also known for doing excessive amounts of leg crunches and other abdominal exercises. It’s unsure the total amount Ali would do per day, however it’s estimated he would do up to 500 sit ups and crunches per day. Ali was always muscular across his core and he had virtually zero body fat. He had a lot of lean muscle mass which ensured his speed always remained. 

Speed Bag

Ali was an avid fan and believer in the benefits of training on the speed bag. Ali would spend at least ten minutes on the speed bag after his warm up exercises were complete. This would last for ten minutes, or longer without a break. Ali on the speed bag was similar to RJJ on the speed bag, a sight to see. Unbelievable hand speed combined with impeccable timing and coordination. 

Rope Jumping

This old school training method is still consistent in many of todays modern stars. Ali would do a similar routine of jump rope to his routine on the speed bag, both would individually last for ten minutes without a break. Jump rope is extremely beneficial for footwork, balance and building the muscles of the calves, which help add protection once a fighters takes a punch. 


Most champions and superstars would destroy sparring partners. Ali was the total opposite. Ali would take extra punishment during sparring, even if his opponent was limited. Ali’s philosophy during sparring was to work on his limitations and take punches, to ensure he was ready for the bout. As his career developed, Ali would do less and less sparring. But early on in his career, he took a lot of punishment in the gym, which probably contributed to his declining health once his career finished. 

Diet: Healthy Food - Vegetables

Ali always followed a healthy diet throughout his entire career. He was never one to eat a lot of junk or fast food, like the current great Floyd Mayweather Jr does. Ali’s main meals were chicken and steak, which provided high levels of protein. Ali also ate a lot of vegetables through potato dishes and bean dishes, usually before his work out. The protein steaks and chickens would be consumed after his work out. He would snack on fruit juice, water and fruit between workouts. Ali would avoid fattening food or foods with high levels of sugar. Ali wouldn’t drink alcohol also, he was widely against the consumption of toxins and he got this message out to millions, which helped society improve. 

Weight Training

Ali didn’t do heavy weight training. Ali & his trainers view was that this training would slow him down. He did exercises using his natural body weight to increase his strength, but he stayed away from heavy, non body weight training. This is probably the biggest factor to why Ali was able to maintain his excellent speed as his career progressed. 

End of Ali’s Career

Towards the end of his career, Ali began to reduce his normal training methods. His body was simply unable to keep up with the demands his old training regimes would put his body through. Ali would often do one workout session per day, or two small workouts during his last few professional fights. At this time it was obvious that Ali was a shell of what he once was. His power and reflexes were gone and only a small amount of his speed remained. 

Ali vs Todays Heavyweights

Despite the views of many that all sport progresses. I don’t believe the current heavyweight era or the past era produced any quality fighters which could test or beat a prime Ali. Only a select few current fighters would be able to take a few rounds off Ali and they include Wladimir Klitschko and Povetkin. But both wouldn’t be able to take more than 3 rounds off Ali in a 15 round bout. Future heavyweight prospects such as Britains Anthony Joshua and New Zealand’s Joseph Parker may develop into greats but it’s way to early to tell. 


Ali is the greatest, not just because of his achievements in the ring but also for what he achieved outside of the ring which helped advanced society across the world.

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