Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where is Antonio Margarito? Well He’s Back & Here’s Why

Is Margarito's Return about Money or Glory?

So Antonio Margarito hasn’t fought in 4 years and he’s 37, but he’s officially making a come back. This kind of news really isn't a surprise for anyone who follows boxing with fighters constantly coming back to fight into an advanced age. Margarito met with Top Rank this week and he’s going to be fighting at Middleweight. Margarito’s last fight was against Miguel Cotto in their rematch, which was way back in November of 2011. Margarito looked awful in that fight, he couldn’t get his punches off and he looked bad against Pacquiao, who he fought before Cotto. This seems to be a crazy move for Margarito make a return to boxing but I will explain a few reasons why.

What is Antonio Margarito’s Net Financial Worth?

Well your probably thinking he shouldn’t need the money. You are right. Margarito has earnt over $30M from his boxing career, the number could in fact be over $50M. In the rematch with Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito made close to $10M alone.

Despite his huge career earnings, a return seems to be highly motivated by money. It’s difficult to find evidence of this but several media outlets are unfortunately reporting that Margarito was involved in a recent divorce, which we all know can get expensive. So this could be a huge factor for Margarito’s return.

Margarito’s eye which got destroyed by Pacquiao’s straight left and continued to get damaged in the Cotto rematch is said to have improved. It’s hard to imagine how a nerve problem can improve over time. I’m sure it looks okay but as soon as he starts to take a few punches in his return fight, expect it to flare up again.

So as you can see by the tone of my writing I’m not excited about Margarito coming back to the sport at his age and after the injuries he has had. Even with some serious training camps, it’s hard to see how he can compete with the best at Middleweight at the moment.

The one fight I wouldn’t mind watching is Antonio Margarito vs Alfredo Angulo. Angulo is past his prime, but he still has that aggressive fighting style which makes him entertaining to watch. Margarito vs Angulo at Middleweight won’t be the best skilled bout, but it will entertain and it will draw some solid numbers. The only problem with this match up is that Angulo is with Haymon and Margarito has signed with Top Rank again. Other good match ups for Margarito would be against Sergey Rabchenko or Vanes Martirosyan, both are come forward pressure fighters that have styles which would mesh well with Margarito’s.

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