Friday, 4 September 2015

Shannon Briggs vs Wladimir Klitschko Pencilled In for Early 2016

Shannon Briggs vs Wladimir Klitschko is in play for early 2016. In the biggest indication yet that the fight is near, Klitschko and Briggs had another run in today. It was no surprise that Briggs instigated the confrontation and at one point it got physical, however no punches were thrown. During this run in which could have easily been staged. Briggs continued to shout his trademark “Let’s Go Champ”. The confrontation took place at a Florida gym and Evander Holyfield broke up the dispute between the two. The briggs 'Let's go champ' quote has proved a big hit for the American, with the release of a gaming ap using his slogan selling well. Briggs also has some wealthy backers and they recently offered Deontay Wilder $2m for a fight, however this was turned down by Haymon. 

Back to the confrontation today, Klitschko responded to Brigg’s taunts with an interesting quote “win your next fight, I will win my next fight and then we can fight next”. To some this fight may sound crazy but Briggs narrowly missed out on fighting Klitschko in April, when Jennings was chosen ahead of him. The negotiations were quite advanced at the time for the bout, but Jennings was preferred by HBO.

Will Briggs vs Klitschko be a good fight? No way. It will be a one sided beatdown. But the fight will happen because over the past 18 months Briggs has followed Klitschko all over the world to generate publicity. He even followed Klitschko to Germany. Now publicity is money and this fight will sell. It’s no where near an interesting match up, the outcome will be obvious. But once Brigg’s goes on a rant at the first presser, social boxing fans from around the world will be interested. Social boxing fans outnumber hardcore boxing fans substantially. The analysts at HBO know this and their subscribers will tune into this bout.

Briggs is in shape. But he’s nothing more than a punching bag in this fight. But you have to admire how much effort he has put into getting this fight. He will eventually get his wish in early 2016. He will get a $500K payday and a beat down. Another opportunity for Wlad to showcase his skills in the US, after he proved a big draw in for his bout with Jennings. Support for Klitschko is growing and he set HBO viewership records in his last bout. As with any sport, longevity is respected by all sport fans & recognition for Wlad is growing with each win, regardless of the opponent. 

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