Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Floyd Beats Berto. Groves Fails Again & The WBC Miss Floyd's Retirement

Boxing News For Mid September

Floyd Mayweather dismantled Berto as expected on Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas, to win a clear UD. I scored the fight 11-1 for Mayweather. Berto never had any great moments throughout the fight and his game plan was rather limited. Floyd looked good, like he always does. Early indications are the fight sold around 520 000 PPV’s, well below expectations. This would represent a significant loss for Showtime, unless the gate was huge, which it won't be. Expectations for this bout were in the 700-750K range. Falling well short of target and probably making a few involved with the show, wishing they chose Amir Khan now. 

George Groves was expected to beat Badou Jack on the undercard, instead Jack won the bout comprehensively. Jack hurt Groves early in round 1 and Jack controlled large portions of the bout, despite Groves having several strong rounds throughout the middle portion of the fight. This is Grove’s 3rd loss when challenging for a world title and he looks way to nervous in the ring. His nervous energy is evident for all to see and it’s a good way to burn a lot of energy. Groves has taken the loss hard, he has deactivated his twitter accounts and one of his posts before this was that losing a world title shot again was the worst feeling in the world. Hopefully he feels better soon.

James DeGale also made fun of George Groves losing his 3rd shot at a world title. That didn’t make sense to me, because even though DeGale could unify against Jack, the fight generates DeGale around $5M US less. DeGale probably should have been hoping Groves won. 

Now on the subject of Badou Jack, he is very impressive and improving vastly with each fight. He could be a serious challenger to Andre Ward this time next year.

For some reason the WBC has allowed Floyd to continue to hold onto his belts even after he has retired 38 times in the past week. The WBC released a statement today they will wait for clarity if Floyd is retiring or not. I guess they missed the 5 million press releases stating Floyd had retired.

Meanwhile in Australia Anthony Mundine who has been out of the ring for one year, takes on Charles Hatley on the 11th of November in Melbourne. This fight has no buzz at all, in Australia or in the US. There are talks that Malignaggi and Peter Cards could commentate this card. That would be a master stroke and probably the only way US media coverage could be generated for Mundine, who is aiming to conquer the US market, as the last major challenge of his impressive dual sport career.

Our thoughts are with Davey Browne Jr who passed away during the week from fight related injuries. There is a donation site at "my cause", which will help Davey’s wife and two children. Condolences to the family. Hopefully the boxing community can get behind the family and make some donations.

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