Friday, 11 September 2015

Mayweather vs Berto Card Analysis : Prediction & Boxing News

Mayweather vs Berto Full Card Analysis

So with the huge news this week about Floyd Mayweather using IV drips after the weigh in for the Pacquiao fight, I will keep my analysis short. Floyd has so often told the media that he walks around at 147 pounds, so his explanation that he used the IV drip to rehydrate doesn’t make sense at all. The news this week wasn’t able to be commented on by Team Pacquiao or Arum, due to all the legal disclosure documents signed before the mega fight. The findings also make USADA organization irrelevant, since they have made a decision out of their power. The Nevada commission could only approve of the IV drip and the quantity Floyd had according to the Hauser article was over 10 times what is allowed. The documents also called into question the disparities in payments made to USADA for Haymon fights and non-Haymon fights. So due to this weeks findings, Mayweather's win over Pacquiao is now tainted and USADA’s name has been tarnished beyond repair. 

Vanes vs Ishe Smith is on the under card and Smith didn’t disappoint at the press conference. Ishe Smith who is part of the Money team has banned me on twitter and he came up with some extremely weird comments. In an attempt to hammer the negative publicity Floyd's IV drips have generated this week, Ishe Smith weirdly brought up some embarrassing facts about Oscar De La Hoya. It was a money team speech which defended Floyd no matter what, however there was only one problem. It was really weird. Some of the comparisons didn’t make sense at all. Ishe Smith is also getting paid over $1M US to fight Vanes. I expect Vanes to win this quite easily. 

Probably the most intriguing bout on the card for me is Groves vs Jack. Groves is rightfully the favorite. I took some time out today to watch both Grove vs Froch fights. Groves did very well, but he showed some Berto tendencies and his legs and stamina faded after the 5th round in both fights. Groves has a huge power advantage here, however Badou Jack is improving with each fight. Groves needs to hurt Jack early and win by knockout before the 6th round & I think this has a great chance of happening. Groves has great power, however Jack is a consistent technician and if this goes past 6, I favor TMT fighter to get the decision.

My Floyd vs Berto prediction is as follows. Floyd will win by stoppage in the 8th round. Berto will have a good opening 3 rounds. But as is the case in every single one of his fights, Berto will begin to fade slightly in each round from the 4th onwards. By the 6th round Berto won’t be able to keep up with Floyd. Floyd will then drop Berto several times and force a stoppage in the 8th round.

For the Orlando Salido vs Roman Martinez rematch, I expect another great fight. Obviously Martinez won by UD in Puerto Rico earlier in the year, but Salio will fight more aggressively. Salido looks good in some of the open workouts he has done. I expect Salido to cause an upset in this one. It’s rare both of these fighters are ever in a bad fight, so this will be the fight of the night!

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