Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Boxing News For This Week. Dirrell vs Rubio and More.

Marco Antonio Rubio lasted 10 rounds with Anthony Dirrell at Super Middlweight on PBC last night. The win wasn’t convincing for Dirrell, despite winning every round, most boxing experts predicted an early stoppage. It just goes to show how good GGG is. GGG knocked out Rubio in brutal fashion last year in the 2nd round of their bout and it could have ended in the first round, had Golovkin applied more pressure.

Tomoki Kameda fought Jamie McDonnell on the same card and many boxing experts scored the fight for Kameda. Paul Malignaggi who is a close friend of leading boxing identity Peter Cards, apologized after the bout for scoring the fight for Kameda, due to the judges scoring it widely for McDonnell. Well there isn’t really a need to apologize with myself and 80% of the boxing world also scoring the fight for Kameda.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has resorted to dropping other athletes names in media sessions, such as Serena Williams to promote his fight. NBA stars have also been included in the Showtime all access episodes, to give the series some new content, however it’s been quite boring.

Most are picking the Mayweather vs Berto PPV to tank. However that will be quite hard with the under card they have put on. This begs the question, can PPV numbers for main event fighters be bragged about if the undercard Is packed? I would buy Mayweather vs Berto, however a lot of boxing fans are only buying this because the under card is stacked. 

A new episode of from Brooklyn to the World will be up soon. The last episode was 13 days away. Malignaggi has been in Europe and Peter Cards has been on holiday in the Dominican.

Austin Trout is fighting against Hernandez tomorrow night on PBC. Obviously we shouldn't be overly critical about this fight because It’s free. But Trout really needs to send Mundine that original contract again so these two can fight. Not the refurbished contract with 3 options. There is a lot of history between these two and it's the best fight for both camps.

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