Friday, 18 September 2015

Breaking News From Our Sources. Zerafa, Groves, Lomachenko and More.

Michael Zerafa vs Peter Quillin 

Australian boxer Michael Zerafa is healthy again. After his brutal knockout loss to Peter Quillin, the Australian went to hospital under observation. He was released immediately. That is great news, however we can’t forget how bad this match up was from the start and how it nearly led to a serious injury.

Bradley vs Rios 

Those thinking Bradley vs Rios will be a great fight, are wrong in my opinion. The fight is scheduled for the 7th of November in Las Vegas, however most fans are expecting Bradley to turn up and go to war with Rios, like Bradley has done in the past even when he hasn’t had to. Fans are forgetting that Bradley has a new trainer, Teddy Atlas. And Teddy isn’t going to let Bradley sit there and take punishment. I’m expecting Bradley to clearly and easily outpoint Rios in front of a rather disappointed crowd and audience. I hope Bradley turns back the clock and goes to war though, but I just don't see it happening. 

Mayweather vs Berto PPV Sales 

As we mentioned the PPV sales for Mayweather Berto are unlikely to reach 550 000 PPV buys. Now ShoSports released a statement mentioning they are very happy overall with the Mayweather deal, which has led to close to one hundred million $ in profit, if not more for the network. But from a business perspective the Berto fight tanked and the show lost a lot of money. Despite what ShoSports will say the goal of Mayweather vs Berto was to be another profitable event for the network, but that failed.

Lomachenko vs Koasicha

Lomachenko is fighting Romulo Koasicha on the Bradley vs Rios undercard. The bout is a huge mismatch and Lomachenko should win this within 6 rounds. However to Lomachenko’s defence virtually everyone his team approached, turned down offers.

USADA's Weak Reply To Hauser

It seems as though Floyd’s IV scandal has been swept under the carpet. USADA & the Nevada commission have a lot to answer for. The Nevada commission needs to ban USADA from working in Nevada, unless this is corrected and the truth comes out. The PR releases from USADA were weak this week. And Hauser still has the strong upper hand.

Badou Jack Improving Out Of Sight

Not much talk about Badou Jack’s win over George Groves. As we have mentioned constantly on twitter, Jack is one of the fastest improving fighters in the sport.

GGG Training Regimen & Diet

Abel Sanchez gave us an insight into GGG’s training methods this week which was quite cool. His team focus on sprints and weights and strength conditioning isn’t needed as GGG is naturally strong. GGG also has no diet, apart from avoiding sugars and soda’s. Seems like this guy was put on Earth to fight.

Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter for January 

In good news Keith Thurman will likely be facing Shawn Porter next in December. The fight could be pushed back to January according to a few sources of ours. But team Thurman originally wasn’t interested, but now they are quite confident of winning that fight.

Khan vs Pacquiao in March 2016

Communications are continuing between team Pacquiao and team Khan for a match up in March 2016. This fight could well be the first major fight to take place in the Middle East. Which has been a move Arum has been promising for the past five years. Haymon is only an advisor to Khan and despite this relationship nearly breaking when Floyd decided to fight Berto, he will happily sign off for Khan if the deal is right.

Don King Justified In Withdrawing Stiverne from Ortiz Bout

As we also mentioned this week Don King withdrew Stiverne from the Ortiz bout, for justifiable reasons. There was a huge communication break down and King is adamant he was never told the fight would be on HBO PPV. The fight represents a big risk for Stiverne and fighting in front of 200-300K viewers instead of closer to one million viewers, didn’t make much sense for King.

Andre Ward up to Light Heavyweight

Andre Ward is officially moving up to Light Heavyweight. 

Rigondeaux Out of Touch With Reality 

Some of the offers being requested by team Rigondeaux have been way out of touch with reality. From our sources, word going around is he’s requesting close to $1M per fight at the moment. Given he’s not drawing, that’s way out of touch with reality.

Salido vs Martinez 3

Showtime are on board to broadcast a third Salido vs Martinez fight. Salido won the 2nd fight comfortably on my cards. I had Salido up by 4 rounds, seems like the judges got it horribly wrong.

Al Haymon To Buy Out Mikey Garcia

Al Haymon is trying to buy out Mikey Garcia’s contract from TR. The figure is quite high, close to $6M from the word going around. Considering Mikey hasn’t fought in a long time, hopefully the buy out goes ahead shortly.

TR & GBP vs Haymon Lawsuit Update

Top Rank & Golden Boy had success in their lawsuit against Al Haymon during the week. Haymon and his lawyers attempt to get the law suit dropped were dismissed. The court case will go on. This will take several years and it looks like all info will be accessed next, which includes Haymon’s emails which could show if the Ali Act is violated. The Ali Act was originally implemented to protect fighters, but it seems it's going to be used to go after Haymon who is providing fighters with record pay days. 

Karpency Didn't Spar for Stevenson. Horrible Decision. 

Karpency went into the Stevenson fight only sparring his family according to the PBC commentators. That is one of the biggest blunders in boxing. Quality sparring is essential for all top level fighters to perform at high levels. Time for a new team for Karpency, who does have some talent, which could be seen by his win over Chad Dawson.

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