Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where is Antonio Margarito? Well He’s Back & Here’s Why

Is Margarito's Return about Money or Glory?

So Antonio Margarito hasn’t fought in 4 years and he’s 37, but he’s officially making a come back. This kind of news really isn't a surprise for anyone who follows boxing with fighters constantly coming back to fight into an advanced age. Margarito met with Top Rank this week and he’s going to be fighting at Middleweight. Margarito’s last fight was against Miguel Cotto in their rematch, which was way back in November of 2011. Margarito looked awful in that fight, he couldn’t get his punches off and he looked bad against Pacquiao, who he fought before Cotto. This seems to be a crazy move for Margarito make a return to boxing but I will explain a few reasons why.

What is Antonio Margarito’s Net Financial Worth?

Well your probably thinking he shouldn’t need the money. You are right. Margarito has earnt over $30M from his boxing career, the number could in fact be over $50M. In the rematch with Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito made close to $10M alone.

Despite his huge career earnings, a return seems to be highly motivated by money. It’s difficult to find evidence of this but several media outlets are unfortunately reporting that Margarito was involved in a recent divorce, which we all know can get expensive. So this could be a huge factor for Margarito’s return.

Margarito’s eye which got destroyed by Pacquiao’s straight left and continued to get damaged in the Cotto rematch is said to have improved. It’s hard to imagine how a nerve problem can improve over time. I’m sure it looks okay but as soon as he starts to take a few punches in his return fight, expect it to flare up again.

So as you can see by the tone of my writing I’m not excited about Margarito coming back to the sport at his age and after the injuries he has had. Even with some serious training camps, it’s hard to see how he can compete with the best at Middleweight at the moment.

The one fight I wouldn’t mind watching is Antonio Margarito vs Alfredo Angulo. Angulo is past his prime, but he still has that aggressive fighting style which makes him entertaining to watch. Margarito vs Angulo at Middleweight won’t be the best skilled bout, but it will entertain and it will draw some solid numbers. The only problem with this match up is that Angulo is with Haymon and Margarito has signed with Top Rank again. Other good match ups for Margarito would be against Sergey Rabchenko or Vanes Martirosyan, both are come forward pressure fighters that have styles which would mesh well with Margarito’s.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Truth about Floyd's Fight Night Weight & The IV Drip

Floyds Fight Night Weight Is The Answer to the IV Drip Dilemma

One month has gone by since Team Mayweather and USADA broke the rules of the Nevada State Athletic commission, regarding several IV drips. After Hauser exposed the findings, USADA came back with a schoolyard reply which was unfortunately combined with Team Mayweather justifying the IV drip. The Nevada State Athletic commission came out against USADA, indicating the doping body was acting out of it’s capabiltiies by overseeing and allowing Mayweather to be treated with an IV drip. The quantity of liquids in the IV drip easily exceeded the normal limits. 

So Whats Going to Happen?

Nothing will happen. USADA will deny any wrong doing, even though the boxing world can see the IV drip shouldn't have been allowed. Mayweather and his team will defend USADA. NSAC has politely denounced the actions of USADA. And major broadcasting networks will ignore this issue from now on. We will be left with no answer or progress or truth to the events which took place. 

Did Floyd Dope? What was the IV For?

The truth of the matter is, Floyd isn’t a doper. In my opinion what actually happened is simply due to Floyd's real weight. I can say with confidence that Floyd’s weight has often been under stated. There has been a myth going around boxing circles for a long time that Floyd is a small Welterweight, which was why Floyd winning JMW bouts against Cotto at 154 pounds and Canelo at 152 pounds was even more impressive. The truth of the matter is Floyd is a monster of a welterweight in terms of his rehydration size. 

Ever since the Mosley bout, Floyd has looked very big at 147 pounds, come fight night. In my opinion Floyd easily rehydrates to 160 pounds, if not more, with ease. Victor Ortiz is one of the biggest welterweights I have seen in person and Floyd was identical in size, if not bigger. Floyd has never showed his fight night weights while fighting on HBO or Showtime, hiding the fact that he’s actually a lot heavier that he states. And regardless of everything he says about eating fast food all the time, Floyd has been on a strict diet over his last 4-5 fights. Having a personal chef cooking gourmet, natural meals.

So Team Mayweather's plan was to make Floyd sound smaller than he actually was. Making his wins even more amazing. Floyd's small size was used as a valid reason for Floyd not being required to fight Canelo at a full 154 pounds or move up to 160 pounds to challenge GGG. This plan worked for a long time, but it totally backfired in relation to the IV drip saga. 

By attempting to make Floyd look like he was greater and smaller than he is, he now looks suspicious in relation to the IV drip.  Instead of putting his fight night weights there for all to see, Team Mayweather hid them. 

Let me also say that Floyd is the greatest fighter of this generation hands down and he’s an ATG. No fighter in the history of the sport stops him, Floyd’s chin is unbelievable, combined by his freaky defensive positions which are close to perfect. However his team’s dishonesty with the media and constant denial of his actual weight, has given fans a reason to believe the IV drip was used to mask PED’s. In my opinion, which I am highly confident of, the IV drip was simply used to help a big fighter who struggles at making the welterweight limit, rehydrate.

These problems existed for Floyd even before the Ortiz fight. Take a look at the Marquez fight, despite signing a contract for 143 pounds, Floyd came in at 145 and that was a struggle.

So Floyd's career defining win against Pacquiao is now surrounded by controversy and it will be forever tainted. This didn’t have to happen. All that had to happen was that Team Mayweather told the media and the fans the truth. That Floyd actually entered the ring at close to or over 160 pounds consistently, since the Mosley bout.

Take a look at some of Floyd’s pictures after fights with opponents, when they are together. Floyd is remarkably bigger than them all.

So it's simple. Floyd isn't a doper. He's just a huge welterweight who probably should have taken more challenges at JMW or MW. An attempt to exaggerate his greatness by creating a myth which was accepted by the boxing world, regarding Floyd being a small welterweight, has backfired. 

Memo for next time. Just tell the fans the truth from the start. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

News For The Last Week of September. Wlad Injured and Wilder is Back.

Wladimir Klitschko has pulled out of his highly anticipated world title defense against Tyson Fury. Klitschko has suffered a leg injury during training this week. The fight will be re-scheduled and a new date is expected to be announced this week. Upon hearing the news Tyson Fury took himself to the pub for a few drinks. Klitschko at 38 years of age was doing 4 training sessions a day. Which was irresponsible and if he continues with that work load at his age, there is a good chance another injury may occur, forcing another reschedule.

Deontay Wilder faces Ohann Duhaupas this Saturday night on PBC. Wilder should win this one easy but if he’s fighting poorly like last time, anything can happen. Wilder is currently generating viewership figures less than half of what Klitschko vs Jennings produced.

Chris Eubank Jr has signed with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom promotions. This is a multi fight deal and a smart move by Hearn, who is continuing to strengthen his grip on British boxing.

On October the 16th Seanie Monaghan will take on Donovan George at the Aviator Sports arena in Brooklyn, New York. This is a solid step up for Monaghan and should he win, a world title bout could be next.

It seems as though Juan Manuel Marquez has rejected a 5th fight with Manny Pacquiao. Good decision. He won the last encounter in brutal fashion, why not finish on that note?

B-Hop vs Abraham is being negotiated for early next year. Abraham’s team feels the fight makes more sense in the States, but Hopkins team feels the bout makes sense in Germany. Either way it’s weird that teams would propose to have their fighter travel. Hopkins probably feels a big win on the road would be a great way to close out his career. Abraham’s team probably want some more US exposure. Most people feel Hopkins should win this easily, but It’s worth reminding our readers to watch Abraham’s last fight. It was the best he has looked in years. Abraham is a limited fighter but his power is unreal. So when he lets his hands go, he can come close to knocking out anyone.

Tyson Fury Is Attracting Thousands of New Boxing Fans Each Week

Tyson Fury - The Heavyweight Headline

The Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko London press conference was a dream for boxing. The robot like Klitschko appealed to hard core boxing fans, but Fury appeared to everyone and to most media outlet across the globe. Tyson Fury's antics not only entertained boxing fans, but they attracted tens of millions of potential new followers to the sport across the globe. 

The press conference was to hype up the October 24th bout which Wladimir Klitschko. Klitschko will start the heavy favourite and is expected to win in one sided fashion. I do give Fury a chance and it will be interesting to see how Wlad copes with Fury's size. 

Instead of a normal press conference panning out, which are usually boring and even media professionals who get paid to cover these will admit this, Tyson Fury answered the call. Fury appeared at the press conference in a Lamborghini and in a batman suit. Calling out ‘who called batman’? After that Fury approached the stage and a member of the audience dressed as the joker approached Fury. Fury then smashed the Joker character and carried him outside. Smashing all of Wlad's belts to the floor in the process.

Fury ran outside, took off the batman cape away from the audience and ran back in, in a very nice, high class suit. You can watch these antics on youtube, they were absolutely fabulous and comical for the sport. Showing aspects of entertainment which are clearly lacking. 

Normal press conferences don’t attract new fans to the sport. Just have a look at the views on youtube that press conferences for major fights generate, it’s abysmal when you take into consideration the total potential sport audience which could be watching them. 

So what was the response like after Fury’s antics? 

Well it was a normal day in boxing. Several boxing writers with agenda’s failed to cover the press conference or write about Fury’s antics. But the non-boxing media found the comedy in this press conference and ran the headline and promoted boxing to millions of potential new fans across several continents. Tyson Fury should lose to Wladimir Klitschko next month. But regardless of the result, his antics and personality are an absolute goldmine for boxing. His reputation is rising, he’s attracting all forms of new attention for the sport. It’s time for media personalities to respond to what we are seeing. A charismatic, Heavyweight contender. And how refreshing is it to see an intelligent fighter not answer a question with 'I'm the A side' or 'he gonna get it'. Fury is exactly what boxing needs at the moment. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Breaking News From Our Sources. Zerafa, Groves, Lomachenko and More.

Michael Zerafa vs Peter Quillin 

Australian boxer Michael Zerafa is healthy again. After his brutal knockout loss to Peter Quillin, the Australian went to hospital under observation. He was released immediately. That is great news, however we can’t forget how bad this match up was from the start and how it nearly led to a serious injury.

Bradley vs Rios 

Those thinking Bradley vs Rios will be a great fight, are wrong in my opinion. The fight is scheduled for the 7th of November in Las Vegas, however most fans are expecting Bradley to turn up and go to war with Rios, like Bradley has done in the past even when he hasn’t had to. Fans are forgetting that Bradley has a new trainer, Teddy Atlas. And Teddy isn’t going to let Bradley sit there and take punishment. I’m expecting Bradley to clearly and easily outpoint Rios in front of a rather disappointed crowd and audience. I hope Bradley turns back the clock and goes to war though, but I just don't see it happening. 

Mayweather vs Berto PPV Sales 

As we mentioned the PPV sales for Mayweather Berto are unlikely to reach 550 000 PPV buys. Now ShoSports released a statement mentioning they are very happy overall with the Mayweather deal, which has led to close to one hundred million $ in profit, if not more for the network. But from a business perspective the Berto fight tanked and the show lost a lot of money. Despite what ShoSports will say the goal of Mayweather vs Berto was to be another profitable event for the network, but that failed.

Lomachenko vs Koasicha

Lomachenko is fighting Romulo Koasicha on the Bradley vs Rios undercard. The bout is a huge mismatch and Lomachenko should win this within 6 rounds. However to Lomachenko’s defence virtually everyone his team approached, turned down offers.

USADA's Weak Reply To Hauser

It seems as though Floyd’s IV scandal has been swept under the carpet. USADA & the Nevada commission have a lot to answer for. The Nevada commission needs to ban USADA from working in Nevada, unless this is corrected and the truth comes out. The PR releases from USADA were weak this week. And Hauser still has the strong upper hand.

Badou Jack Improving Out Of Sight

Not much talk about Badou Jack’s win over George Groves. As we have mentioned constantly on twitter, Jack is one of the fastest improving fighters in the sport.

GGG Training Regimen & Diet

Abel Sanchez gave us an insight into GGG’s training methods this week which was quite cool. His team focus on sprints and weights and strength conditioning isn’t needed as GGG is naturally strong. GGG also has no diet, apart from avoiding sugars and soda’s. Seems like this guy was put on Earth to fight.

Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter for January 

In good news Keith Thurman will likely be facing Shawn Porter next in December. The fight could be pushed back to January according to a few sources of ours. But team Thurman originally wasn’t interested, but now they are quite confident of winning that fight.

Khan vs Pacquiao in March 2016

Communications are continuing between team Pacquiao and team Khan for a match up in March 2016. This fight could well be the first major fight to take place in the Middle East. Which has been a move Arum has been promising for the past five years. Haymon is only an advisor to Khan and despite this relationship nearly breaking when Floyd decided to fight Berto, he will happily sign off for Khan if the deal is right.

Don King Justified In Withdrawing Stiverne from Ortiz Bout

As we also mentioned this week Don King withdrew Stiverne from the Ortiz bout, for justifiable reasons. There was a huge communication break down and King is adamant he was never told the fight would be on HBO PPV. The fight represents a big risk for Stiverne and fighting in front of 200-300K viewers instead of closer to one million viewers, didn’t make much sense for King.

Andre Ward up to Light Heavyweight

Andre Ward is officially moving up to Light Heavyweight. 

Rigondeaux Out of Touch With Reality 

Some of the offers being requested by team Rigondeaux have been way out of touch with reality. From our sources, word going around is he’s requesting close to $1M per fight at the moment. Given he’s not drawing, that’s way out of touch with reality.

Salido vs Martinez 3

Showtime are on board to broadcast a third Salido vs Martinez fight. Salido won the 2nd fight comfortably on my cards. I had Salido up by 4 rounds, seems like the judges got it horribly wrong.

Al Haymon To Buy Out Mikey Garcia

Al Haymon is trying to buy out Mikey Garcia’s contract from TR. The figure is quite high, close to $6M from the word going around. Considering Mikey hasn’t fought in a long time, hopefully the buy out goes ahead shortly.

TR & GBP vs Haymon Lawsuit Update

Top Rank & Golden Boy had success in their lawsuit against Al Haymon during the week. Haymon and his lawyers attempt to get the law suit dropped were dismissed. The court case will go on. This will take several years and it looks like all info will be accessed next, which includes Haymon’s emails which could show if the Ali Act is violated. The Ali Act was originally implemented to protect fighters, but it seems it's going to be used to go after Haymon who is providing fighters with record pay days. 

Karpency Didn't Spar for Stevenson. Horrible Decision. 

Karpency went into the Stevenson fight only sparring his family according to the PBC commentators. That is one of the biggest blunders in boxing. Quality sparring is essential for all top level fighters to perform at high levels. Time for a new team for Karpency, who does have some talent, which could be seen by his win over Chad Dawson.