Friday, 28 August 2015

Whats At Stake For Mosley & Mayorga If They Win?

Mosley vs Mayorga Preview

This might seem like a veterans fight, but it’s going to be action packed for the first few rounds. Mosley will come to fight and he looks good currently in training. Mayorga will be himself, a crude power puncher who relies more on physical strength to dictate advantages in ring generalship. Realistically Mayorga’s style is tailor made for Mosley but it will still be fun to watch. Im not sure how much Mosley has left which could increase Mayorga's chances. Mosley's last fight was against Mundine and the under rated Australian put a beat down on the future hall of famer, over 6 brutal rounds. 

Now If Mayorga wins, an interesting match up has already been talked proposed. Some may vomit, some may say it’s crazy, but Mayorga vs Chavez Jr at 168 is really in the works. A Mayorga win will catapult him into the Chavez Jr sweepstakes and a huge pay day, which he really needs at this stage of his life, according to court statements during the week. Chavez Jr is a prize fighter, he has Mexico behind him. Mayorga also speaks Spanish, so the fight will gather a lot of attention and it will be easy to sell. Don’t get me wrong it’s a total mismatch but I can see why Chavez Jr and Haymon are looking at this. From a monetary perspective there is a lot of $ to be earnt, for little risk once again. The bout would serve as a tune up fight, while Chavez Jr waits on the Badou Jack vs Groves winner. By the way I am picking Groves to win that in a stunning upset knockout, but it could turn out to be another great fight.

Now for Mosley. A win, which is likely on Saturday night, puts him back in the mix for some good fights. At this stage of his career Mosley isn’t about to sign with Haymon, so he’s seriously restricted there. Mosley will have two solid money options. One is a rematch with Anthony Mundine & the second is a grudge match with Gabe Rosado, who Mosley had beef with during a recent BKB fight card. The Mundine fight is quite easy to make. Mundine would just keep his income from his Australian PPV sales. Mosley would be able to keep a bulk of the American revenue and the fight would be on. Mundine is relevant at JMW, coming off a win against world rated Rabchenko.

The Gabe Rosado fight is another potential option, however the only drama would be around the weight. Mosley is reluctant to fight above JMW and Rosado struggles to get down to Middleweight. Rosado would also take a solid piece of the pie as his going rate is around the $200K mark at the moment. This would have to come out of the American purse, something Mundine’s purse wouldn’t. Rosado was outspoken when he recently fought Curtis Stevens who was trained by Shane Mosley. Rosado constantly called out Mosley and told the audience that Shane could get a beating after the Stevens bout, which was on BKB, in Vegas. Since then the two haven’t liked each other and Rosado was approached as a replacement for Mayorga, if Don King’s injunction had been successful, which it wasn’t.

So all in all, there is a lot on the line for both fighters. A win sets Mosley up for redemption against Mundine, or a grudge match with Gabe Rosado. A win for Mayorga, can totally change his fortunes and put him in line for a huge pay day in the Chavez Jr sweepstakes.

Don’t read to much into age, combined fights or punch stats for each. All you need to know is this won’t last long, but while it lasts, you will be constantly entertained. Anything can happen, maybe a riot? Maybe a brutal knock out? Or maybe a FOTY contender? Tune in..

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