Friday, 28 August 2015

The WBA & WBC are now taking the back seat to the IBF & WBO

WBA : WBC : IBF & WBO Analysis

The WBA and the WBC have had a horrible run over the past five years, caused by internal decision making. Less than a decade ago these two boxing sanctioning bodies were probably the most respected in the sport. Earning considerable sums through sanctioning and having the respect of the wider boxing community. Well they still earn a tonne of money, they are in fact money making machines, but the respect of the boxing community for these sanctioning bodies is long gone and it won’t be coming back in the short term. The decline of the WBA and WBC has given rise to the IBF which is now recognized as the most prestigious sanctioning body in boxing. The WBO have also had a fantastic period, with the organization growing in respect and it’s image of legitimacy is there for all of it’s champions.

Here are a couple of examples of why the WBC and WBA can’t be taken seriously at the moment.

Take a look at the WBC. They have Floyd Mayweather Jr listed as the Super Welterweight champion of the world (154 Pounds). Only problem is Floyd’s last fight in that division was in September 2013, which was nearly 2 years ago. I got this reply when I asked the WBC about this “It was always clear and public WBC, Took actions to avoid obstacles and make sure MAYPAC happened”. That doesn’t really make sense at all considering Mayweather vs Pacquiao was fought at welterweight. Floyd keeping his WBC 154 Pound belt had no impact on the biggest fight in history happening.

Now for the WBA. Broner is getting a title shot at 140 after a horrible performance against Shawn Porter. Broner who I’m a big fan of talent wise, talked it up and delivered absolutely nothing. When he actually looked interested in the 12th round he dropped Porter with a check hook. Broner is fighting Allakhverdiev on the 3rd of October for the WBA full title at 140 pounds. So Broner has gone from a clear loss at welterweight to an instant title shot at 140 pounds? A fighter like Amir Imam has been skipped, despite having a ranking of 3 by the WBA. It just seems the rules are being made up, depending on the size of the sanctioning that can be earnt. This isn’t the only problem with the WBA at the moment, some divisions have 3 titles & champions.

The only people who are enjoying these rules which are being made up on the spot by the WBA and the WBC at the moment are the fighters who are winning interim titles and claiming to be world champs. Their teams like this from a financial perspective as it makes it easier to promote the fight. But if you’re a fan? Maybe a social boxing fan who is looking to pay more attention to the sport? What a turn off.

At the moment the IBF and the WBO are the most respected boxing sanctioning bodies. Partly due to the fact they don’t really sanction interim, or gold or blue or purple champions or whatever the WBA or WBC are doing are trying to legitimize at the moment. 

Enough money has been made. It’s time for the WBA and WBC to clean up their act. The only thing these interim titles and ridiculous decisions are doing, is transferring power to Al Haymon. If Haymon is victorious in his court cases against GBP and TR (several years away), the PBC lineal titles which could be implemented, will instantly be respected globally. 

If you think I'm being harsh, have a look at what the most popular boxing expert in the world (Dan Rafael of Espn) wrote in his chat today. 

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