Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tarver and Cunningham Draw in a Fantastic Action Heavyweight Fight

In the main event, Tarver and Cunningham had little chance to match the bout before which is now a contender for fight of the year. However this turned out to be an action packed and entertaining fight. Tarver’s power dictated most of the fight and he was active throughout most of the rounds, not just relying on his one punch power. Cunningham however was still able to outwork his 46 year old opponent in a very close bout. 

Cunningham was hurt in the middle rounds by Tarver’s huge left hand that he consistently landed. As expected both fighters showed enormous heart and Cunningham is never one to quit from a challenge. The fight ended with some fantastic closing rounds, in some quality heavyweight action which I definitely didn’t see during Molina vs Wilder. I had Tarver winning by 3 rounds. Even though the bout was a draw I would like to see Cunningham fight Arreola next. 

Arreola is on the decline and Cunningham deserves a stay busy fight. I would like to see Tarver in vs Wilder. It would be a fairy tale if Tarver could beat Wilder at 46, but based on the form he showed tonight, I think he’s a great chance to become Heavyweight champion of the world.

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