Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tarver vs Cunningham , Huck and Szpilka Will Excite in New Jersey

Tarver vs Cunningham : Huck vs Glowacki : Szpilka vs Consuegra. Fight Video Analysis and Prediction. 

Antonio Tarver takes on Steve Cunningham in New Jersey this Friday night in an all American heavyweight clash. On the undercard excitement machine Marco Huck makes his American debut against Glowacki. Another exciting match up on the card involves Artur Szpilka vs Consuegra. It’s a solid card and it’s part of PBC which will be broadcast on free to air television in the United States.

So to get things started I expect Boxing Kingdom favourite Artur Szpilka to win comfortably against Consuegra. The Cuban is showing huge heart fighting Szpilka in his first bout back since suffering a devastating career first 3rd round TKO loss against Brezeale. Szpilka need to start quickly and I assume he will. He’s one of the rare modern day fighters which looks for a knockout first rather then coasting to a decision victory. Szpilka also has a new trainer which will be explained throughout the PBC broadcast.

Marco Huck, not much more needs to be said about this guy. He’s an excitement machine, similar to Szpilka Huck always entertains, he has a high work rate, good power and always goes for the knockout. Huck also likes to brawl throughout his fights. His speed and power is there for all to see and Huck really doesn’t care who he fights or even in what division he fights. He goes up to Heavyweight and back down to cruiserweight on a constant basis. Glowacki is undefeated and he will have huge support as a lot of Polish fans will be in New Jersey considering Szpilka is on the same card. However Glowacki hasn’t fought anyone in the calibre of Huck and I expect Huck to win convincingly. However with big support from the crowd it wouldn’t shock me if Glowacki wins this in a shock result.

Now for the main event Antonio Tarver vs Cunningham. It seems as though Tarver owes Haymon a favour since he bailed Tarver out of a debt in Las Vegas last year. This was all reported by media and taken down from websites after so there’s no certainty this dilemma actually occurred. Anyhow Tarver is a force to be reckoned with and Cunningham is a small heavyweight. I expect Cunningham will start early and win a few of the first four round. Tarver will pick his punches and despite a low work rate which is understandable given his age, he will find his big punches in the mid portion of the fight. Cunningham unlike Banks will fight on for a few rounds however I expect Tarver will get the stoppage win late. And his next bout will likely be against David Haye, presuming Haye gets past Flores in December. The winner of that would likely go on to fight Deontay Wilder or Povetkin.

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