Monday, 24 August 2015

Roy Jones Jr vs Glowacki in the Works. For WBO Cruiserweight Title

It’s with deep regret that we report that Roy Jones Jr vs Glowacki could happen next. Glowacki is a huge power puncher, with relentless heart and he upset Marco Huck in a FOTY candidate, televised nation wide in the US. Now we have some shocking information about the events which happened during and after Glowacki's stunning win. 

Roy Jones Jr was ringside for the Huck vs Glowacki fight. Roy actually believes that he can beat Huck and since Glowacki won, he’s Roy’s new target. Glowacki received a phone call from Roy after the win and Roy said the following, “Glowacki already got the phone call that he got what I want”.

Now let me just report this for what it is! Absolute insanity! If Glowacki vs Jones happens there could be a serious injury in the ring. Roy Jones Jr has looked a shell of his former self against club level fighters and he's been getting hit clean time and time again, from fighters who have more wins then losses on their records. Roy’s speed is gone, his power is nearly completely gone, his reflexes left him five years ago and he looks like your average retired athlete. Roy is old, shot and totally finished. He's barely in the top 75 at Cruiserweight. 

It’s hard to report all this without being called a hater. Let me say one thing, Roy Jones Jr is the greatest fighter I have ever seen in my life. What he has done in the ring during his prime is nothing short of remarkable. He’s an ATG and an instant hall of famer, from 5 years after he retires.

But the Glowacki fight will probably happen next. Glowacki will take the belt back to Poland and earn his biggest pay day defending against Roy, who is a solid name across Europe, even though he’s 10+ years past his best.

Roy won’t be able to last more than one round with Glowacki. If he lasts longer than this, it’s because Glowacki has carried Roy. Glowacki has serious power, the kind of power which can permanently hurt a shot fighter. Roy has already taken way to much punishment and his only reason for fighting on, must be that he needs the money.

It’s hard to see how Roy will commentate after another tough fight like this. If you listen to Roy speak in 2015, compared to 2011, you will notice a considerable difference.

As a Roy Jones Jr fan, this fight has all the makings of a terrible tragedy. And only boxing can stop it from happening. But so often, money can overpower ethics in this sport.

If those around Roy won't help him, boxing should. 


  1. Jones by KO with the left hook... Like the one Huck dropped him with, but the RJ version. He's fine man. You risk serious injury in any match buddy, especially a title fight...

  2. Hope so thanks for the comment!