Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekend Boxing Wrap : Mosley Destroys Mayorga again. Santa Cruz Outclasses Gutsy Mares

Weekend Boxing Wrap : Mosley vs Mayorga & Mares vs Santa Cruz

    Shane Mosley looked good, beating Mayorga through KO in the 6th round. Mosley came in 7 pounds heavier at 159.5 pounds, compared to his last bout over two years ago against Anthony Mundine. Despite many being critical of this fight. I thought it was highly entertaining while it lasted. Mosley landed some very heavy punches in the first two rounds. Mayorga came back and taunted Mosley in round three, allowing the American to land a freebie combo on the Nicaraguan's chin, with the crowd roaring. 
Mayorga had some success in the 5th round, buckling Mosley, but Mosley responded and closed the show with a fantastic rip to the body. The show was a success with Mosley and his business partner coming up with some innovative marketing techniques which received a great response from fans. Mosley looked better than I expected him to look. In saying that I don't think he could hang with the top 5 at Junior Middleweight but there are some fun fights which can be made. It’s also important to note Mayorga outweighed Mosley by 20 pounds on fight night. 
    Leo Santa Cruz proved he was the real deal tonight with a close decision win over Abner Mares. This fight was one of the best fights I have seen this year. The pace from start to finish was amazing. Both fighters had a high work rate, throwing consistently over 100 punches per round. Mares started well but Cruz was to strong in the championship rounds. This was easily the greatest fight on PBC so far and the atmosphere was amazing. An immediate rematch would be fantastic to see, with both of these warriors putting on a show in front of a rowdy crowd. The PBC commentary crew in a surprising twist was fantastic tonight. It was good to see Teddy Atlas avoid comparing movie stars to prize fighters during this show. 
Adrien Broner lashed out this week at Dan Rafael. Dan Rafael wrote a critical story about Broner fighting for the WBA full 140 pound title, which had a lot of credibility. In response Broner came up with a few childish calls, calling Rafael fat and mentioning he will never be doing another press release again. I understand Dan Rafael gets under a lot of fighters skin, but he's a shock writer and this is what he's paid to do by espn. The argument people can’t criticize or analyze fights without being an ex-boxer is crazy. 
The Cotto vs Canelo press tour is live. This fight is going to be epic. Only problem is, the fans are already frustrated with Cotto referring to himself in 3rd person. Canelo has been all class in the way he has conducted himself, showing maturity beyond his years.
A fake Error Spence Jr twitter account came up with some horrible tweets during the week which we unfortunately published and condemned.  From what we are hearing Errol Spence Jr is a cool and humble fighter. Troll's exist and unfortunately this one generated some negative attention for Errol Spence Jr.

    Alfredo Angulo defeated Munoz by 5th round TKO tonight. Angulo in all honesty looked horrible. Unfortunately the James Kirkland bout took a lot from Angulo and I can't see him recovering to be a contender again, even in the weaker Middleweight division. 

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