Friday, 14 August 2015

Interview with Manny Siaca. Who Fights in Australia in October

BK : Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions Manny.

MS : No problems brother. Great to answer questions for Boxing Kingdom.

What are you up to lately? Can you confirm you are making a comeback and who against?

MS: Right now I’m enjoying life with my kids and my family and I’m training for a comeback. The comeback will be in Australia in October.

What weight will this be contested at?

MS: My next fight will be at Middleweight.

Is your return because you love the sport and just want to fight again?

MS: I love the sport of boxing. I want to fight again, I have a lot left in me.

In your bout against Anthony Mundine you seemed to wear down the Australian late. Were you surprised by his hand speed at the start and what was his power like?

MS: Mundine has incredible hand speed, I got into a little bit of trouble with his speed but I knew I would feel stronger in the later rounds. Anthony has great power in his hands, but he used his speed more than his power.

What happened during the Danny Green bout? It seemed you were hurt early on and never recovered?

MS: In the Danny Green fight I was having a lot of problems away from the game so I wasn’t focused. But Green is a tough cookie. I would love to rematch Danny Green.

Are you interested in fighting some solid contenders in the US if the opportunity presented itself on PBC? 

MS: We’ll see what happens in my October return. If I do good in October I would get a good chance to fight for the title.

Who has been your best opponent to date? Which opponent was strongest and which opponent was fastest?

MS: The best opponent I have faced is Byron Mitchell, he was also the strongest fighter I have faced. Anthony Mundine is the fastest opponent I have faced.

About you:

Best food? 
MS: I love Mexican Food.
Best Drink? 
MS:  I love all drinks.
MS: On a normal day I work and train.

MS: My best travel locations are Florida and Australia. I love Australia they treat me well and I hope to move there one day.

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