Monday, 3 August 2015

Joseph Parker vs Bowie Tupou Round 1 KO : Full Fight Video & Highlights Analysis

Joseph Parker KO’s Bowie Topou In Round 1

Joseph Parker is the future heavyweight king and he destroyed Bowie Tupou on the weekend with a vicious hook in the first round. Watching the fight video of Joseph Parker KO’ing BowieTupou was frightening. Parker’s punch wasn’t even clean, but such is his power Tupou was out like a light. Tupou came out the aggressor, doing what he promised and hunting for an early KO against the supremely skilled Parker.

The only thing that happened was Parker let his hands go earlier. Parker’s speed is crazy. He has the fastest hands at Heavyweight since David Haye and I would say that Parker is even faster than Haye. Tupou is a solid gate keeper and he was a solid opponent. I expected the fight to last a little longer, however Parker just let his hands go.

If you are wondering if Tupou took a dive? Well definitely not, he was out like a light and fell down unconscious. He got hit on the top of the forehead which is unprotected by the skull. The area is sensitive and Tupou leaped into the punch which increased the knock out impact.

Parker has signed to fight Meehan next. The fight stream and video of Parker vs Meehan is going to be fantastic. Meehan is strong as we all know, but he’s well past his best and Parker will dispose of him early. I expect this one will last a couple of rounds, longer than Tupou lasted. Theres video of Parker’s vs Topou KO 1 all throughout youtube. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. This guy is special and I’m expecting he will eventually go on to be the Heavyweight champion of the world. Whether he can unify, I’m unsure. But I am confident he will be heavyweight champion at some stage.

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