Monday, 3 August 2015

Interview with Rising Light Heavyweight Contender Sean Monaghan

Boxing Kingdom - Sean Monaghan Interview

BK: Hi Sean,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for your fans. Pleasure to speak to you here at Boxing Kingdom.

SM: My pleasure. Happy to answer questions for my fans.

BK: You recently beat Zuniga in impressive fashion, what's next for you?

SM: We are looking for a big name opponent next and hopefully a world title shot. I’m 25 and 0 and I’m ranked in the top 10 by all major sanctioning bodies. Im in line for a big fight and I want that next. You can’t tell me the guys Adonis Stevenson is fighting are more deserving of a shot then me?

BK: I have watched your career progress for the last few years and it's been great to watch. Are you extremely confident when you enter the ring now?

SM: At the moment my confidence is sky high. I’ve worked extremely hard and made major improvements to all aspects of my game. I’m still learning and getting better each day, but it’s time to make the step up and swim with the sharks. I can’t wait to mix it up with the top guys.

BK: What are your future aspirations, do you have world title ambitions?

SM: I absolutely have world title ambitions. I’m ranked top 5 in the WBA and we’re still trying to get Braehmer in the ring, but it seems like he doesn’t want to fight me at the moment. We’re exploring all options right now but a big fight is hopefully just around the corner.

BK: Do you aim to stay in the LHW division, or could you potentially even make super middleweight?

SM: I’d love to fight at super middleweight, but I just don’t think I could make that weight without hurting myself. I walk around at almost 200lbs and when I get down to 175 on the day of the weigh In, I feel really drained. I couldn’t imagine losing another 7lbs and making Super Middleweight.

BK: Are you interested in facing the likes of Kovalev? 

SM: Kovalev is the top dog in the light heavyweight division right now, hands down. I would love to fight him. I want to be considered a great fighter one day and I’m gonna have to get in the ring with monsters like him to make my name.

BK: Favorite food and drink?

I’m a New Yorker so I’d say my food of choice is probably pizza and a good cold GingerAle is my drink of choice. I don’t drink alcohol much anymore but there’s a good Puerto Rican drink I love called Coquito. When I’m a rich retired boxer you’ll find me drinking Coquito on the beach in Puerto Rico.

BK: Favorite Sport?

SM: I’m actually not a huge sports fan believe it or not. Boxing is the only sport I really follow in depth. In terms of second favorite sport it would have to be basketball and I was a huge Michael Jordan fan as a kid.

BK: Who do you like out of the current boxers?

SM: I’ve got a tonne of boxing idols from Tyson to Duran. The modern guys I like are GGG, Lomachenko and Crawford.

BK: What do you think of Floyd Mayweather?

SM: I’m not a big Mayweather fan. I highly respect his defence but his style is not my cup of tea. His life outside the ring is none of my business and a lot of other great fighters in history have had similar or worse habits out of the ring. I just feel that Mayweather is so superior, he should be knocking all these guys out and putting on more of a show. But that’s his style, he doesn’t care if the crowds entertained or not.

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